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What should my HP be in WOW? Im lvl 78 Shaman.?

Im a noob to WOW. only been playing about 2 months. I recently started playing in the Battle Grounds. I have a lvl 78 Enhansment Shaman. I thought I have decent gear, but still no enchants or gems on them, but only have 14k hp. I see players ranging from mages to rouges to hunters sometimes up at 34k hp. damn! is everyone twinked? lol I always seem to be at the very low end of hp in my BG groups. Is this normal for a shaman? Just looking for a bit of help anyone. Thanks.

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  • 9 years ago
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    14k is a little low however if you give him some good enchants and gems you might be able to bring it up to maybe 20k.

    Some characters are a bit OP (over powered) and sometimes in the game and in the forums there are saying nerf *that character*

    Hunters & rogues have always had quite a bit of HP not sure about mages.

    A new expansion just came out so there HP levels will go much higher XD. however MOSTpeople are leveling from 80-85. you are almost within that range and your HP with match theres very soon since you will be using gear from the new expansion.

    Also people have had ALONG time to get to level 80. so most people have accumulated a lot of gold thus being able to spend it on alt characters making them very well geared.

    Once you get to a high level do heroic, raids and bg to help get more gear for ya. also check teh auction house to see if any enchant scrolls or gems are on sale.

    If you have enchanting your can DE your trash items you find and sell them

    if you have JC you can make gems and sell them

    if you have mining you can sells your ores

    and etc. this will help make money for enchanting mats and gems

    HP is good however you want a balence of HP, resilience and spell power and Intellect when it comes to PVP.

    Hope this helps ^.^

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