got a loss of appetite?

I go back to work tomorrow after having a csec on oct 25. Im working part time like the most I will be working is 5-6 hours a day with 3 being the least (ike tomorrow) so im going to miss my baby alot and the day is not even here yet!! adies help me im near tears, cant eat havent ate all day. my hubby is deployed until late march so that does not help and YES i have to work. So i dont want to hear- why work then... we dont make enought for me to be sitting around.

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  • asrai
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    10 years ago
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    After you get into the routine, you'll be okay. It really does suck having to leave your precious one with someone else. But know that he'll be okay too. He'll probably have fun.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I dont know what you wish to hear. You are nervous, thats ok. You need to face this head on - go to work, leave the baby with whoever you have arranged to leave him with. In time, you will see that its for the best and you will not feel so bad.

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