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Pandigital Novel/EReader won't access some Yahoo mail accounts. Do I need to change email?

I got a Pandigital Novel/EReader for christmas and it's able to access email, but when I try to enter my address, it says: Mailbox access is not supported for some types of Yahoo! mail accounts. If you have trouble connecting, visit for more information. I have used Yahoo for my email for several years and hate to change now. Do you have any suggestions that will help me keep my current email address and still be able to access it with my new Reader?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I also got a Pandigital for Christmas and found out the hard way about the Yahoo accounts. In order to be able to access your Yahoo e-mail, you must have a Yahoo Plus account, which costs money. I refuse to do that, so I just set-up a shortcut on my home screen that takes me directly to my e-mail.

    Just found something else. Try this:

    type in yahoo email and password, select done, then manual setup, select imap account. make sure user name and password are right, imap server is, port is 993, security type is ssl always. click next. smtp is, port is 465 security type is ssl always. click next, choose how often u want it to check for new mail, name account, setup signature, select done. it should have a refresh tab, select it and ur all setup!

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  • 10 years ago

    I used Betrayed imap set-up info and worked perfect. Should work for you. I have a new nook color and just bought pandigital. Trying to decide which one to keep. No access to my yahoo mail would be a major deal breaker for either and the nook color was so easy. Why the Pandigital requires this hassle I do not know...not a big enough company?? who knows....still deciding

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