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Top 5 major american patriots in the american revolution and why?

I would like opinions on the top 5 most important and significant american patriots in the american revolution. I am doing a report on one and i would like to hear some opinions before i make my choice. If u can, back your opinion with some evidence or facts


I think im gonna do Francis Marion or thomas sumter, any thoughts?

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    1) John Adams, the future Second President was key to shaping what the American Revolution was. The British believed that if successful, the Revolution would create an anarchist state that would eventually destroy itself and return to British rule. Adams, perhaps more then any other, realized the risks and importance of the Revolution. As a Boston lawyer, he defended the British soldiers charged for the Boston Massacre, recognizing that some law and order had to be maintained, and would shape his support for the Federalists after the Revolution. But he also saw Britain's abuses and soon realized that there was no real compromise could really be reached, and became one of the strongest voices for Independence. He also served as Washington's strongest supporter in Congress. Without Adams, Washington would not have taken command of the Continental Army. Without Adams, Washington might have been relieved of his command by Congress several times, particularly after the Battle of Saratoga, in which Gates made himself appear to be a hero.

    2) George Washington, the Father of his country, was not the greatest General in American history, and he was not the most successful. Of the battles he fought the only major battle that he won was Yorktown... but Washington did manage to do something that no one should have been able to do in the face of Britain's strength. He kept a ragtag group of volunteers together as an American army, in spite of defeat after defeat. American morale and strength as horrible after the defeat on Long Island and Manhattan, yet he managed to keep the army and cause together. His attack on the Hessians at Trenton was only a minor victory, but it served to keep the army together. Monmouth fought after General Clinton began to leave Philadelphia for New York was only a minor victory, but it kept the cause alive. And so long as the American cause lived, the Revolution lived, no matter how many battles the British won.

    3) Thomas Paine, the oddball of the American Revolution. A failure in most things in life, Paine had tried his hand at nearly everything, including corset making. But the tensions leading up to the American Revolution brought about an opportunity as a propogandist. Common Sense helped inspire popular support for Independence. The Crisis helped hold American support behind the Revolution despite defeats in the field. Without Paine, it is possible that the American Revolution would have been unpopular and it would have died because no one supported it.

    4) Baron Frederic William von Steuben, one of the many foreign volunteers within the Continental Army, the Prussian Captain brought to the American Army something it lacked. Professionalism. Before his arrival, when the Continental Army lost a battle, it frequently became a rout and took all of Washington's efforts to keep them from scattering in confusion. And many times, even when they won a battle, they didn't have the order or discipline to take advantage of the success. In the cold of Valley Forge, the Prussian trained the American army in basic drilling techniques that were second nature to European armies, making the victory at Monmouth possible. He set up the defenses for Virginia against Bennedict Arnold and then against the Earl Cornwallis. He didn't have the strength to defeat them outright, but he kept them from destroying the Virginia, essentially setting up the last battle of the war at Yorktown. More importantly, unlike other foriegn volunteers, including the Marquis du Lafayette, von Steuben would remain in America and became an American citizen and inherited a plot of land in upstate New York. He started as a Prussian and ended as an American.

    5) Benjamin Franklin, America's great inventor and statesman... he worked with John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence. He served as America's ambassador to France during the Revolution, and was key to earning the French/American alliance. Without it, America might have lost.

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    1. George Washington. He commanded the Continental Army, and therefore his leadership led to the creation of America. He also saved the Revolution with his victory at Trenton after he crossed the Delaware. Up to that point, the Revolution had been a disaster. As well, he was the first President of the United States and set precedents for what their powers are.

    2. Thomas Jefferson. He wrote the 'Declaration of Independence'. Was the third President of the United States. It doesn't have to do with the Revolution, but he oversaw the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the size of America and set the stage for the settling of the West.

    3. Benjamin Franklin. He visited Europe often in order to form alliances with enemies of Britain and managed to enlist the aid of France, who later saved the American army at the final major battle of the war, the Siege of Yorktown, by blocking the English reinforcements and encircling the British.

    4. Thomas Paine. Wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense" which was a huge factor in turning the opinion of the American public against the British. A quote is: "the American cause owed as much to the pen of Paine as to the sword of Washington."

    5. John Adams. Father of the American Navy. Second President of the United States and the first Vice-President.

    Source(s): Actually, just random stuff I happen to know about the American Revolution. Also, I'm Canadian, of Pakistani background. o_O
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    Top 5 major american patriots in the american revolution and why?

    I would like opinions on the top 5 most important and significant american patriots in the american revolution. I am doing a report on one and i would like to hear some opinions before i make my choice. If u can, back your opinion with some evidence or facts

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    Lot of French, but there were Germans, well Prussians, too. King Frederick II signed a treaty with the U.S., recognizing it's independence. Friedrich Wilelm von Steuben was Washington's inspector general. Johann de Kalb and Frederick William, Baron de Woedtke served as generals. Look up Germans in the American Revolution on Wikipedia and you can find more examples.

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    Benjamin Franklin - his writings, speeches and ideas were used by the other founding fathers to form the Continental Congress and spawned the revolution to begin with. Acted as the nations first spy and diplomat.

    Thomas Jefferson - it was his words that formed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

    Nathan Hale - facing death for his part in the revolution he gave the famous quote: "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."

    I only have those 3 off the top of my head.

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    France was the primary ally. They provided troops and leadership and most importantly money. Their participation also tied the English down in their home court which meant they had to spend more money and watch their flank. Why? France and Britain were enemies, having just recently fought the French and Indian Wars. Or in other words, payback!

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