Isn't it unethical and a violation of the principal of government transparency?

for local news media to ignore significant police events, while reporting stories about the closure of a pizza store and similar trivial items.

The event involved 15 or more patrol cars, surrounding a quarter-mile block. Police at every street intersetion, many more in the parking lots of apartments and a local park, plus others roving. Though I tipped the newspapers, there isn't a blurb. But the day after the event, they reported on two teens trying to break into an electronic store.

What's the big secret?


No, not Death Valley. A good sized suburb of a top MSA.

I check all the sources. the two major dailies, the 4 channels with news coverage. Google, Google News.

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    When you mentioned the dailies, my first guess was that the story happened after the put the paper to bed--with our local, that's about 10 o'clock, the last time I checked. That might also explain why it wasn't Googleable (if that's a word)--I think Google News gets their stories from local papers and the wire services. If it didn't make it into that day's paper, they wouldn't have seen it there, and if the wires didn't move the story on their local or regional feeds, Google wouldn't have seen it there.

    The thing that throws that off, though, is that it didn't make any of the TV news reports--there aren't many stations with a budget small enough they can't send a camera team and a reporter out to do a "stand up"--especially if it looks like it's a big deal.

    I've seen police events like you describe for what turns out to be a relatively minor thing. If they thought that one of the suspects was somebody with a warrant, that can cause it. The other thing is that you'd be surprised at how often two guys trying to break into a store is described in 911 calls as "two guys shooting up the store". It's dumb, but it happens

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    How local are you talking about? Did this event happen in Death Valley? What news do you look at? There are factors here that I cannot "fathom" so to speak. Take the event, though, and I can say this. It would be unethical to hide news from the public, in are information high-way age. And that includes the government.

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