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Is it hard to get an acting job in LA?

my dad always tells me , son never try to be an actor ! only 1/10000 people make it!!

but since LA is like king and queen of the acting buisness, Is it easier to become an actor??

is there a great chance ull get declined when u attend an audition?

just by coming first in an audition can u then become famous? or does it take fiercly hard work ?

plz reply , i wud really lk to know thanks xxx

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    The honest truth is that it's incredibly hard to get any acting work anywhere. In LA there are more jobs, but many more actors applying for them, so forget it.

    For every audition, even for the tiniest part in a short advert, there are hundreds, if not thousands of applicants. Most won't even get called for the audition. Out of the hundreds who do get seen, one may get picked. One. Out of all those hopefuls. And you can be sure that the only ones who get called to the audition are full Equity members, have attended drama school, and have a CV jam-packed with roles in stage plays, short films, bit parts, etc.

    Really if you live in the UK, the only way to become a professional actor is to study Drama or Theatre Studies at college, and then apply for a drama school. You are looking at years of hard work, very little glamour, terrible rates of pay – if any – doing odd jobs just to pay the bills while you’re auditioning for acting work. It’s not something you should even be considering unless you’re totally passionate about acting and can’t imagine doing anything else. You’ll probably never be famous, or make much money, but if it’s what you really want, go for it. If it’s just a nice idea because it sounds fun and exciting and so on, forget it.

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    Unfortunately, your dad is dead on when he says that only 1/10000 people make it as an actor. LA is where every aspiring actor goes, so your going to have a multitude of competition.

    In a way its easier, when you compare it to trying to be an actor in like Idaho or something, but with everyone heading to LA its not going to be easy at all with everyone competing for the same job.

    Probably 99 out of every 100 people get rejected at an audition. Coming first does not guarentee you fame and fortune; quite the opposite in fact. It takes more than fiercly hard work, it takes severe dedication. If your only getting into acting for the sake of being famous, then your not going to make it at all.

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    Join the LA Actors Union or Actors Guild. Look for their phone number and ask them what you have to do to join. It's like a referral. Movies come to town and your name is on a list of available people. There is a fee, but of course you know its worth it. You will eventually get an agent who will find the types of movies or parts you are good for. Also, go to acting workshops. They don't have to be expensive either. The evil brother on Vampire Diaries auditioned for True Blood and didn't get the part. Then he auditioned for the Vampire Diaries and got that part. The first audition showed him what he did wrong. If you join the union you are going to get jobs on movies, commercials, and music videos. Where ever you live see if there is an Actors Guild branch there It may be cheaper to join. Once you are a member it will be easy to go to Cali and join there.

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    It is easy for stars, almost impossible for beginners. I believe there are cities where it is more likely that a good actor can become established, cities like Dallas and Atlanta, for example. It takes fiercely hard work to be an actor.

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    Well there are more jobs there, but there are also more people trying to get those jobs.

    There is a GREAT chance that you would get declined.

    It takes hard work. And if you only want to be famous, you aren't a real actor.

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    trust me it is a lot easir then some places. Mostly cuz theirs so many oppurtunities & so many auditions out their, & as long as ur a good actor you can make it.

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    That's a really good question i would like to know the same thing, because i myself would like to become an actress :D hopefully it isn't that hard. i would just thing of preparing yourself in any way :D GOOD luck

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    I wouldn't believe ur dad on tht

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