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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 9 years ago

If the Jews never existed can you think of how wonderful the world would be?

The Roman Empire would probably not have fallen, there wouldn't have been any crusades or jihands, Christianity and Islam would never have been created. There wouldn't be anyone killing each other over who's sky daddy is better. (or at least a significant amount less)

And the worst books in the history of mankind would have never of been written, I am of course talking about the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran. Absolutely horrible reading material.

Yes I think it is safe to blame the Jews for a lot of the mishap in the world today...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yeah, I see where you're coming from BUT what would be the state of comedy in the world if the Jews took no part?

    To name a few...


    Goodman Ace

    Joey Adams

    Dan Ahdoot

    Jason Alexander

    Marty Allen (comedian)

    Woody Allen

    Simon Amstell

    Morey Amsterdam

    Tom Arnold (actor)

    Beatrice Arthur



    David Baddiel

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    Roseanne Barr

    Chuck Barris

    Belle Barth

    Jack Benny

    Gertrude Berg

    Milton Berle

    Sandra Bernhard

    Joe Besser

    Joey Bishop

    Jack Black

    Lewis Black

    Michael Ian Black

    Mel Blanc

    Yaakov Bodo

    Elayne Boosler

    Victor Borge

    Andy Borowitz

    Alex Borstein

    Andy Breckman

    David Brenner

    Fanny Brice

    Albert Brooks

    Mel Brooks

    Brother Theodore

    Arnold Brown (comedian)

    Lenny Bruce

    George Burns

    Red Buttons


    Sid Caesar

    Yisrael Campbell

    Eddie Cantor

    Jack Carter (comedian)

    Joel Chasnoff

    Juca Chaves

    Paddy Chayefsky

    Mark Cohen (comedian)

    Myron Cohen

    Slash Coleman

    Irwin Corey

    Norm Crosby

    Billy Crystal

    Jerome Cutler


    Rodney Dangerfield

    Larry David

    Rachel Dratch

    Fran Drescher

    Richard Dreyfuss

    EOphira Eisenberg

    Susie Essman

    FTivadar Farkasházy

    Marty Feldman

    Lew Fields


    cont.Larry Fine

    Al Franken

    Heshy Fried

    Rebecca Front

    Stephen Fry


    Brad Garrett

    Estelle Getty

    Todd Glass

    Elon Gold

    Judy Gold

    Jeff Goldblum

    Julie Goldman

    Gilbert Gottfried

    Shecky Greene

    Gary Gulman


    Buddy Hackett

    Goldie Hawn

    Ben Hecht

    Simon Helberg

    Pee-wee Herman

    Hillcrest Round Table

    Jackie Hoffman

    Géza Hofi

    Judy Holliday

    Lou Holtz (actor)

    Marc Horowitz

    Curly Howard

    Moe Howard

    Shemp Howard


    Micah Jesse

    George Jessel (actor)

    Jewish-American comedy

    Al Jolson


    Milt Kamen

    Carol Kane

    Myq Kaplan

    Andy Kaufman

    Danny Kaye

    Davy Kaye

    Martin Kelner

    Gennady Khazanov

    Alan King (comedian)

    Matt Kirshen

    Jessi Klein

    Robert Klein

    Kenny Kramer

    Paul Krassner


    Cathy Ladman

    Bert Lahr

    Lynn Lavner

    Andrew J. Lederer

    Pinky Lee

    John Lehr

    Tom Lehrer

    Carol Leifer

    Tom Leopold

    Oscar Levant

    Shaike Levi

    Bob Levy (comedian)

    Jerry Lewis

    Richard Lewis (comedian)

    Wendy Liebman

    Mary Livingstone


    Bill Maher

    Howie Mandel

    Hal March

    Marc Maron

    M cont.Chico Marx

    Groucho Marx

    Gummo Marx

    Harpo Marx

    Zeppo Marx

    Jackie Mason

    Anne Meara

    Lorne Michaels

    Bette Midler

    Larry Miller (entertainer)

    Gary Morton

    Zero Mostel

    Jules Munshin

    Jan Murray


    Mark Nadler

    Laraine Newman

    Mike Nichols

    B. J. Novak

    Louis Nye


    Harry Parke

    Mendy Pellin

    Molly Picon

    Rain Pryor


    Gilda Radner

    Arkady Raikin

    David Rakoff

    Harold Ramis

    Faina Ranevskaya

    Carl Reiner

    Rob Reiner

    Mike Reiss

    Paul Reubens

    Don Rickles

    Joan Rivers

    Gregg Rogell

    Seth Rogen

    Freddie Roman

    Modi Rosenfeld

    Jeffrey Ross

    Rita Rudner

    Maya Rudolph


    John Safran

    Mort Sahl

    Soupy Sales

    Andy Samberg

    Adam Sandler

    Robert Schimmel

    Danielle Schneider

    David Schneider (actor)

    Rob Schneider

    David Schwimmer

    Sam Seder

    Jerry Seinfeld

    Peter Sellers

    Garry Shandling

    Rick Shapiro

    Harry Shearer

    Allan Sherman

    Efim Shifrin

    Iliza Shlesinger

    Shlock Rock

    Michael Showalter

    Sarah Silverman

    Phil Silvers

    Neil Simon

    Randy and Jason Sklar

    And then there are the writers...


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think you're forgetting the fact that if it wasn't for the existence of Abrahamic faiths, we would've never reached these technological advancements.

    If it wasn't for Islam the scientific discoveries of the Muslim golden age (and they are A LOT) wouldn't have happened. While Europe was at the dark ages south of them were at their golden ages. After that, we got to the Renaissance in Europe, and eventually the Industrial Age, which was mostly done by Christian Europeans.

    You'd never know what would have happened. There's no "what if" in history, because the possibilities are endless.

    Religious wars waged by non-Abrahamic religions.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Imagine the dirtiest downtown city street you can imagine, where there is no laws, little education, and rape, murder and prostitution discussed and carried out in public. That is what the WHOLE WORLD would have been like if it wasn't for religion. Also, the Bible is sacred to us Christians. If you don't like it, fine, but don't insult it. Same goes for the Qu'rah (For muslims) and the Torah (For Jews). By the way, you spelled "Quran" wrong. It's "Qu'ran".

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  • Gail
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Jews do exist and always will EXIST!That is a very bigoted question; it sounds like something a Nazi would ask!

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  • 9 years ago

    The Roman Empire would still have fallen, even if it had retained syncretic polytheism.

    What brought down the Roman Empire was that, due to the high-ranking Romans' ill-advised policy of deliberately concealing knowledge from ordinary people in order to prevent rebellion, the aqueducts fell into disrepair and the cities succumbed to water-borne diseases. Nobody was able to fix the water supplies; and there was nobody to whom they could have prayed to fix *that*.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They are the bane of the earth, there are few people willing to admit that, respect to you sir

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  • Debbie
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Right now I'm thinking how much better Yahoo Answers would be without attitudes like yours.

    Maybe you should search on 'The Jewish Contribution To World Civilisation' it might enlighten you a bit.

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  • 9 years ago

    Read the book "Jews, God and History" and that will give you a good basis for answering your question yourself.

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  • 9 years ago

    We wouldn't have had critical advances in modern technology and medicine if it wasn't for the contributions that allot of jews made to science. I could mention allot more but we basically all need each other in one way or another.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think the world may have been just a wee bit better off without you. You asked.

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