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My friend has a pit bull chow and lab with a two year old?

My friend has a chow/lab mix, a black minature lab, and a full blooded pit bull. She also has a two year old daughter. Her and her husband live in a small trailer. Their yard is not huge she lets them out when they need to go on a chain then they come back in. She says there is plenty of room for her animals. My main concern is the pit bull gonna be mean? I admit she is a good trainer! And her dogs are well behaved but i dont know.. The pit is only 3 months, she got it for christmas from her husband. But dont they need more room? Do you feel like she has to many animals? I wanna say something to her but dont wanna ruin our friendship...


Yeah I never said she was a bad pet owner, they have all their shots they get walked in summer time lol she is not a big fan of cold. For the ten years ive known her she thinks 70 is chilly! But anyways the landlord wont allow her to have a fenced in yard sadly :[, my husband offered to build one for her. I was just wondering about the living space would be to small just wanted opions, i could never own that many dogs in a trailer. And the person who said there are no such things as minature labs she has papers stating its a pure breed but never got any bigger then maybe 30 lbs? hes only as tall as like a boston terrier little bit taller. Not the minature boston terriers but the taller ones LOL.

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    If the dogs are happy, well cared for, see a vet regularly and are properly exercised and stimulated and trained. I really don't see what the problem is.

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    If her dogs are well behaved and well socialized then there isn't a problem. When you hear in the news that a pit bull just snapped and attacked somebody but never showed any signs of aggression that is a myth. Most often it's the owner trying to cover for the dog that they allowed to go untrained because they thought the dog would listen when they said "no". A properly trained and socialized pit bull will display absolutely no human aggression for any reason other than clear, obvious self defense, and even then it's pretty iffy. Fighting dogs had to be safe to handle, especially back when bull baiting and dog fighting were legal and one's fighting dogs were often also a family pet.

    The lab was probably the runt of the litter, perhaps bred from two dogs at the lower end of the breed size.

    Your friend doesn't need more room, but she does need to actually take those dogs out for walks. Bored dogs in general can be a nuisance and a dog that is constantly overly bored can become agitated and reactive, which may lead to nippy-type behavior and a general lack of patience for their child. Your friend owns two breeds that require a pretty decent amount of exercise every single day, particularly the pit bull. They are high energy dogs and that puppy, when older, should be getting an hour walk every single day.

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    It sounds to me like she's handling the dogs just fine. Would be better if she had a fenced in back yard where the dogs could really stretch their legs, but at least they're getting outside.

    Honestly, we have no way of knowing if the 'pit-bull' is going to be mean. We know nothing about it's genetic history, nothing about how much exercise,training, and socialization it's getting. We don't even know anything about the individual dog.

    Generally, pit-bulls do well with children and humans as long as they're given the proper boundaries and nothing stupid (like keeping intact males and females near each other) is going on.

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    The last thing anyone wants is to have someone else come and tell them how they should care for their kids and how many pets they should have.

    3 dogs isn't excessive to the point of being animal hoarding or anything like that, and a pit doesn't have to be any different than any other dog. To the contrary, the high pain tolerance pit bulls have make them excellent playmates for small children (who are apt to pull ears, playfully cuff, hang on dogs, etc) when they're properly trained and socialized.

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    If the dogs are well-trained and properly exercised, then she has enough room yes.

    Pits are generally not aggressive to humans. They are bred to be very sweet and affectionate with humans (they even have the nickname of The Nursemaid Dog) and to have some degree of aggression to other animals. I'd be more concerned about how the Pit will get along with the other dogs than I would be about the humans in the family.

    That said, children must ALWAYS be supervised with dogs, for the protection of dogs and children alike.

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    Well, it's none of our business if she has too many animals - and by our I mean you. If the dogs are well fed, get regular vet check ups, get exercise and stimulation, then they're fine. It's one less pit living in a shelter. Many live in small homes with several pets.

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    I think if you feel like the situation is out of control, or unhealthy for the child or animals, as her friend it is your obligation to voice concerns.

    That is, only if you feel like she is overwhlemed--like the place is not clean, they don't have the money to take care of the animals properly, or she is stressed over her situation.

    If not, leave it alone. This situation is more than achievable by someone who can handle, manage, and train dogs effectively.

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    Really its her bussiness not yours how many animals she has. If she feels she is capable of taking care of them and there not neglected whats the problem?

    A trailor off course is small but at least the animals have a home.

    As for the child, pitbulls are actually quite friendly dogs, the majority of agressive pitbulls have been bred to fight, which is sick!!!

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    There is no such thing as a miniature lab. There is also no such thing as a "pit bull". But, it sounds like a sad existence for the dogs.

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