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Elite Dance Team Help?? Please.?

I'm going to try out for a High School Dance Team in the Spring and they are an elite dance team. I am wondering what would be examples of the requirements?

So far I have,

-left & right splits.

-single and double pirouettes (and sometimes triple).

-toe touch.

-the basic leap on right and left.

-working on a la second (very close).

-working on barrel turn (very close).

-high kicks & fan kicks.


-pique turn

-chaine turn

-attitude turn

-working on switch leap

-working on calyso leap (extremely close!)

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    You pretty much got all the ones that my elite team does. Maybe you could add an axel leap? They are quick and easy to learn. Here's how to do one:


    Youtube thumbnail

    She does weird arms but you get what the legs do.

    What about an illusion? These are similar to fan kick


    Youtube thumbnail


    That is NOT the proper technique but I couldn't find any good videos so I'll just give you that one. Try to find a few videos with girls who have better technique!

    When you get more experienced, you can do illusions out of a la seconde turns:


    Youtube thumbnail


    That girl is good! You probably don't have to know those for tryouts though, but it would be a nice touch!

    What about these jumps? Lots of people call them different things, so here is a video.


    Youtube thumbnail

    Tilt jump is another good one:


    Youtube thumbnail


    That's all I can think of right now. Email me with any questions, and good luck!:)

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    i was on a aggressive dance staff. when you have peers on the dance studio ur at now, then attempt to stand out(in a well means) and ultimately inform the instructor that u suppose that ur ready to do alot greater than the opposite dancers. and if he/she doesnt suppose that u can manage dance staff "four" , then transfer studios if u stand out and exhibit that u have alot extra ability then others within the magnificence ultimately he/she's going to become aware of that u must be in a better degree, but when she doesnt then inform her and ask her if u can move in different categories for per week or so and if u r ready to maintain up, then she's going to often allow u into that magnificence however first get the opinion of ur peers and loved ones (particularly the dancers in ur magnificence) cuz in the event that they inform the instructor with u that u must be in a better magnificence, theres a larger danger that she's going to truthfully transfer you up

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