Im stuck in Final Fantasy 13... help?


I got to Gran pulse and i stayed and explored for a bit and then I got to the save point before Hecatoncheir and saved it... and ive been trying to kill him for 4 hours and decided that i should go back and try to grind some more CP or something... i try to go back and the big guy on the bridge is for some reason impossible for me to kill even though i just beat him... 4 hours ago >.> i cant use any summons because my TP meter is at 2, and i cant get by either one... what the hell?

any suggestions?

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    Once the battle starts, press Retry to adjust your Paradigms.

    Hecaton yields to anyone who amass chain bonuses (Ravager), those who debilitate their opponents (Saboteur), and those who heal their allies (Medic), basically Vanille's 3 main roles.

    You'll need these paradigms:

    -Havoc (Sab/Sab)

    -Slash & Burn (Rav/Com)

    -Arcane Defense (Rav/Sen)

    -Lifeguard (Med/Sen)

    -Undermine (Rav/Sab)

    -Sap & Salve (Med/Sab)

    Since the only role Fang can help that is yielded by Hecaton is her Saboteur role, the paradigm Undermine is very very important. You want to start the battle with Havoc, and double Saboteur Hecaton. He's immune to a lot of the debuffs in game, but the act of debuffing him will still drive up the Gestalt meter. Once he's had his share of Debuffs, switch to Slash & Burn to amass chain bonus. Even though Fang's commando role doesn't do much, it still does some, so just attack away. Hecaton's attacks are extremely powerful, so when your HP is low, switch to Lifeguard, or Sap & Salve if its debuffs have gone down. Use Undermine if its debuffs have gone down and your HP is still quite high, then switch to Slash & Burn again. If your HP is high and it is about to use a tough attack, switch to Arcane Defense.

    If you beat Mission 8, you should've had a Collector's Catalog. Upgrade that to * and use a Mnar Stone (which you can find one on an island in Archylte Steppe via a Chocobo), you can upgrade that to a Conoisseur's Catalog, which increases the chances of you finding rare items. Use party Lightning, Sazh, Hope's Cerberus paradigm (COM/COM/COM, make sure Hope has Ruin), keep doing Chapter 7 until you get a drop called Tetradic Tiara, upgrade that till * and then Dismantle it. You should receive a pair of Sprint Shoes. That not only will give you auto-Haste, but will also increase the ATP Bar rate by 5%. Equipping that on Vanille will make the battle very much easier and doable.

    Source(s): I beat Hecaton in 1 try.
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    i might bypass into the conflict with aegisol and fortisol in case you have extra ones. I have been given caught at this section for a mutually as additionally and started the conflict with them. therapeutic and Chains will improve his meter. i might use the a million. Medic - Synergist 2. Ravager - Ravager 3. Medic - Medic roles. Use function a million to buff interior the begining in case you didnt use the shrowds. Use function 2 to initiate attacking as quickly as your buffed, and every time he's in his protection postition, Ular’s safeguard. Use function 3 while he's attacking your occasion via fact which you like the two characters therapeutic to maintain your self up. I ussually end this conflict with a low counter so attempt a pair circumstances it is going to paintings finally.

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    more CP maybe. i cant really remember i havent played final fantasy 13 sense it was release, but when i did play it when all else failed i went and harvest more cp until i was as fully upgraded as i could be at the time.

    Source(s): FF13 took all my free time from march 9th 2010 until i beat it
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