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celebrities during world war 2 (1939 –1945?)?

I have to write a research essay about WW2..

I was an idiot and chose the topic celebrities during WW2..

so i was thinking about talking about celebrities helping the uso, and troops..helping work for the army, performing for them etc.

these are the celebrities I have thought of so far:

Abott and Costello were the number 1 box office draw

Frank Sinatra (singer)

Bob Hope (comedian),

Bing Crosby(singer),

Martha Raye (comedienne),

Lon Chaney Jr (actor),

Benny Goodman (band leader),

Artie Shaw (band leader),

Dick Foran (actor),

Glenn Miller (band leader),

Clark Gable (actor),

Mickey Rooney (actor),

Judy Garland (actress), Glenn Ford (actor),

Gene Autry (actor),

Trevor Howard (actor),

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr (actor),

Franklin D. Roosevelt (President),

James Stewart (actor),

Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey (band leaders),

Humphrey Bogart (actror),

Ray Milland (actor).

Doris day

Rock Hudson

please answer:

1.) what are some helpful books, newspaper/ magazine articles, and online resources (besides wikipedia) about celebrities during the war?

2.) any additional info you want to mention

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    World War 2 and Celebrities should be a pretty easy topic actually. Everyone was involved in the war effort. Many actors and athletes put their careers on hold to join the armed forces and fight. Not just in the USO but on the front lines. The prime examples in baseball were Joe Dimaggio & Ted Williams who left in the prime of their careers for the war effort. My favorite example is James Stewart who was a bomber pilot and eventually a pretty high ranking air force officer during the course of the war. There is a book Starr Smith and Walther Cronkite called James Stewart: Bomber pilot that details his career in the air force during that time. Tom Brokaw's book 'the Greatest Generation' also has some examples. As for the USO, the most famous that comes to mind is Bob Hope and there was many more that sold war bonds. In essence there is a lot of material. As for online resources, I would recommend a google search once you narrow down the people you want to write about.

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    I think that's a great topic. It sounds like it could be fun, if a bit difficult.

    Anyway, you could try listening to some of the old radio programs that were made for the soldiers, such as Command Performance or Mail Call:

    Also, these are videos about celebrities who performed for the troops:

    Oh, and I just really like this video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    This article is specific to Judy Garland, but it is about her and the soldiers:

    More Judy Garland stuff with the War:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Sorry if I am focusing to much on her. Anyway, this broadcast to the soldiers was kind of a celebration when they won in Europe.

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    See if you can find an online source for old issues of "Life" magazine. That was the best stuff back then.

    Here ya go:

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    That's a pretty good list!

    For scholarly articles I would recommend looking through EbscoHost

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