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Being that New Years is comin up, when will USAA military customers get paid?

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    USAA customers will see their deposit on Wednesday. Payday for the military is on the 30th. The 31st is treated as a Federal Holiday for Pay purposes.

    I wondered myself so I contacted DFAS and USAA. Both confirmed. Here a link to the pay dates chart from DFAS so you can see for yourself :0)

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    I have already received the funds from my Subscriber Savings Account. They were deposited into my account for my insurance last week.

    Military paychecks being deposited into accounts at the USAA Savings Bank will arrive on 30 Dec 2010.

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    I assume you are asking when your direct deposit from DoD will hit your USAA account?

    If so, DFAS will begin transmitting direct deposits on, or about, 29 December. USAA should, following their usual policy, update accounts on the 29th or 30th, or early in the morning on 31 December - just like any other month.

    Why would it be any different for New Years?

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    We qill get it tomorrow thanfully!

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    The check is in the mail.

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