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Grandfather died - no emotion?

My grandfather died today and somehow I don't really feel any emotions about it. Why is this? I did love him and I even just saw him 2 days ago and he was very cheerful and it was nice to see him. It was a good visit. Why am I not grieving? My husband asked me how I'm holding up and I told him that I really don't feel emotional at all. I don't even feel sad, what's going on?

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    maybe you didn't love him as much

    maybe you're still trying to ignore that he's dead

    or maybe he lived enough and was happy all these years.

  • Last few deaths iv faced were only giving me grief because i had regrets of not knowing them enough or not being as nice as i could have been. If you loved him knew him well and thought he was a good person but always treated him nice, i felt the same 2 months ago.

    oh yea i am 14 and have known 12 people who have died over the last few years and i honestly dont feel bad anymore... felt bad when my gran died because i resented her for being a burden on the family... Cried for the days straight then slept for around 39 hours. When i woke up i felt allot better and havnt felt as bad about anything since. I figured whatever happens its probabley as nice if not nicer than this. Whether its nothing just like going to sleep forever or just going to heaven i would enjoy either. If you have no strong emotion to this it probably means you were a good person to him or youv accepted death.

  • Did anyone else in your family that you loved passed on? Maybe you just accepted the fact that people die. Its very sad and im sorry for your lost. But sometimes people just dont show many emotion because that is how they grieve, to try to look on the brighter side of things.

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    you are numb . don't worry . the various stages of grief come in various order . you really cant choose how you feel about this matter no more then you can if you slammed your hand in the car door. give this time . pray and attend the service and give yourself time . don't be shocked if one day or one hour of one day you find yourself in tears then later you find yourself laughing at all the funny memories of you and your grandfather . death is a many ways like a wound however it is also like a birth how we feel at the time of a birth or death is not something we can choose or expect. it is something that we can be sure will change in time many times over sometimes. your really doing fine ! you need know to go with the flow, do as i said attend the services and follow the traditions your family and faith, they are there for good reason and will be of help to you . except that the others in your family may feel or be in a different part of the grief stages so you may not be feeling the same at this time as they are . they may be at the point of not being able to do much except cry . so it may be you that will need to be the shoulder to cry on and the one to help with arrangements even if your name is not on some list of the ones who should be making he arrangements casket and so on but you may be most able to help with that for that person . do what you can involve yourself in this matter and use the time to learn of death and of life. peace be with you your Grandfather and family at this time.

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