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would a stab wound hurt more then a tylenol overdose?

I would like to imagine the pain of dying of a stab wound. Does dying from a stab wound to the stomach( the stomach specifically) hurt more than dying from an overdose of tylenol??

And if you were to get stabbed with a medium sized kitchen knife in the stomach how long would it take you to die and how painful would it be?

( I think somebody at school is planning to stab me, but I don't want to tell anybody because i'm only assuming)

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    A stab wound of any kind is very painful, VERY painful and is by far a terrible way to fie, or live. THe pain from getting stabbed stays with you for a while during your recovery and it hurts like a *****. overdose, no pain, but you cant overdose on Tylenol. Regardless of what people say it is impossible to overdose on tylenol, become greatly sick yes, die, not so much much, maybe if you choke on one. And if you are taking tylenol PM, then you will just be in a paralysis state for a while. If someone is planning on stabbing you im willing to bet they wont do it in the open, stay open with people around you, no one is stupid enough to try it in public, im going to assume the offender(if real) is right handed in which be aware to try and catch his hand with your right arm swinging around to grab his wrist and your left hand grabbing the bottom so as to lock his wrist in place and push the knife away from you(Do not worry about getting cut, you worry then you will most likely end up dead, a few cuts is better then being stabbed.)At this point he is more focused on getting his own hands free secure his had with your left and elbow is face constantly until they either p[*** out or drop the knife, if they drop it take it, then report it. DO NOT TRY TO STAB HIM BACK! although im not gonna lie this does kinda seem like a question about killing yourself in which you could have placed a false motive for the knife part as lying and saying someone was gonna stab you, the fact that you asked about an overdose made this all inconsistent.

    I like how the guy above me is just an arrogant moron. For 1 I am an active practitioner of Muay Thai, Krav Maga and basic military combat for 8 years as well as a weapons practitioner in knife based combat for 2 years, if you dont want to believe me thats fine but all of it is true, you however need to learn respect before anything. and if you know ANYTHING about anything medical related you would know that Acetaminophen has NO sudden risk of overdose and is nearly impossible to overdose on, the main threat caused by taking to much is a result in liver damage. So do your homework, or you can get your *** back to the Y and do something, or actually go and find an active teacher in martial arts before you open your mouth. I have never been to any YMCA and i only learn the real martial arts and do REAL combat practice, whats the point in doing something when you only do it half assed moron. go fvck yourself.

    Source(s): Studied medical field, been stabbed, and have combat training, defensive and offensive.
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    This is an awfully strange question. Why do you assume that you're going to get stabbed? And why are you asking which would hurt more? Anyways, when the stomach is punctured and left without medical treatment, it can result in a long and agonizing death. The stomach acid can leak and cause incredible pain. There are people who have taken over 10g of tylenol and were generally fine, as long as they didn't drink or take any more for a while. A Tylenol overdose can cause serious damage to the liver, and may require a transplant if its bad enough. There's also a pretty long waiting list for transplants, so have fun finding a match.

    Okay, guy below me, you obviously have very little medical training, if any at all. You're "combat training" probably consists of your imagination and a half-assed self defense course and the YMCA. You CAN die from an Acetaminophen overdose (Acetaminophen is Tylenol). But don't take my word for it, there are immense amount of Acetaminophen Overdose cases, and Acetaminophen is one of the most common poisonings worldwide. If you even bothered to look at the WARNING LABEL on the Tylenol bottle, you would know that you CAN overdose and should seek immediate medical care.

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    Stab wounds barely hurt, unless they puncture a certain organ that is very sensitive, such as the liver.

    I've been accidentally stabbed surfing, and it felt like getting hit, and there was no sharp pain. It was pretty gory to look at, though.

    You probably won't die from being stabbed. You would have to hit a major vein or artery.

    It sounds like you are planning suicide, because you are also asking about a Tylenol overdose. I don't recommend suicide.

    I've never overdosed on Tylenol, and I don't want to. I think I'd rather die of a stab wound.

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    Stab Wound Pain

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    What became into the mg of the Tylenol? If it became into the 2 hundred mg Tylenol she could desire to be ok iwth a weight of 173, the avg man or woman can take as much as 4 pills (800mg) each and every 4 hours, yet she desires to drink lots of water and consume stable, stable foodstuff no longer junk. . If it became into the mg tabs she could desire to bypass to the ER. maximum in all probability, they are going to in basic terms hydrate her with an IV treatment and supply her an antacid like pepcid by using fact they Tylenol at that dosage can do some serious injury to her abdomen lining. they are going to do a blood try (CBC) to verify she does not have indicators of inner bleeding. it truly is been to lengthy for them to pump her abdomen, quite lots they could in basic terms watch and await different indicators. She feels dizzy by using acetaminophen is a extreme concentration in her blood. If she starts off to experience greater effective the following day she could desire to purchase some pepcid over the counter and take that the following day, yet of course i could advise in seek of a DR opinion. If her mom is loopy... Can she come over your place, can your mom help her, she could want scientific help and devoid of it she could have lengthy term liver ailment or abdomen ulcers.

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