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What does Israel mean?

What does the word Israel mean?

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    The word Israel comes from Torah or more presisely from the first book of Torah - Genisis. Bellow is a very loose and shortened perafrase from Torah Genisis chapter 32 verses 25 - 30

    When Jacob was coming back to his father Isaak after spending 20 years working for his uncle Laban he came to place that he called Mahanaim. He sent across the river everyone and was left alone. Then the angel of the L-rd appeared to him and wrestled with him. But the angel could not overcome Jacob. So he told him that from now on he should not be called Jacob but Israel for you have wrestled with men and G-d and prevailed.

    The word Israel can be split in two parts Isra - el. El means G-d. Isra is a verb that comes from root Sar. The word Sar may be translated as "Prince" or high ranking official. In mordern Hebrew it is used for minister as in minister in the government. So I guess word Israel may be loosely translated as Prince of G-d. Although if I were to translate the phrase "Prince of G-d" from English into Hebrew it would be "Sar-El".

    I hope this helps

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    The chosen land for the Jews :)

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    Israel means - racism , supremacism, bombing unarmed Palestinian women and children and then pleading victimhood.

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    yep! Thats fer sure.

    Just wait and see!


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    The curse of God

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