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What are All the Paramore Songs ?

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    Their first album All We Know Is Falling. (2005)

    All songs written by Paramore.

    1. All We Know

    2. Pressure

    3. Emergency

    4. Brighter

    5. Here We Go Again

    6. Never Let This Go

    7. Whoa

    8. Conspiracy

    9. Franklin

    10. My Heart

    Japanese bonus track

    "Oh, Star"

    iTunes Deluxe Edition[3] (2009)

    "Pressure (live)"

    "Here We Go Again (live)"

    "Pressure (music video)"

    "Emergency (music video)"

    "All We Know (music video)"

    The Summer Tic EP (2006)

    1. Emergency (Crab Mix)

    2. Oh, Star (Full Band Version)

    3. Stuck on You (Failure Cover)

    4. This Circle

    Sounds of Superman. (2006)

    7. My Hero - Paramore (Foo Fighters cover)


    1. For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic

    2. That's What You Get

    3. Hallelujah

    4. Misery Business

    5. When It Rains

    6. Let the Flames Begin

    7. Miracle!

    8. Crushcrushcrush

    9. We Are Broken

    10. Fences

    11. Born for This

    Riot! B-Sides "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"


    Riot! Special/Limited Edition MVI

    "When It Rains" [Demo]

    "Misery Business" (Acoustic): Live from Q101 Chicago

    "Pressure" (Acoustic): Live from Q101 Chicago

    "For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic" [Live from London]

    "Born for This" [Live from London]

    Riot! - iTunes/ MP3 release

    "Misery Business" [Acoustic][*]

    Riot! - Fueled by Ramen webstore release

    "Temporary" [Demo][*]

    Riot! - Hot Topic release

    "Decoy" [*]

    Riot! - FYE release

    "Here We Go Again" [Live][*]

    Riot! - Rhapsody release

    "Misery Business" [Acoustic][*]

    "My Hero" [Electronic Remix][*]

    Riot! - Best Buy and iTunes UK release

    "Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)"[*]

    "Rewind" [Demo][*]

    "Emergency" [Live][*]

    They have a third album called The Final Riot. (2008) It's a mixture of the songs off of All We Know Is Falling and Riot! put together and they are performed live. And they also had another album called Live in the UK 2008. It was also a mix of All We Know Is Falling and Riot! songs.

    Then they did two songs for the Twilight Soundtrack. (2008)

    2. Decode (Paramore)

    8. I Caught Myself (Paramore)

    Deluxe edition CD/DVD

    2. Decode" (acoustic) (Paramore)

    brand new eyes (2009)

    1. Careful 2. Ignorance

    3. Playing God

    4. Brick by Boring Brick

    5. Turn It Off

    6. The Only Exception

    7. Feeling Sorry

    8. Looking Up

    9. Where the Lines Overlap

    10. Misguided Ghosts

    11. All I Wanted

    International Addition

    12. Decode

    Deluxe Edition

    12. Ignorance (Acoustic)

    13. Where the Lines Overlap (Acoustic)

    iTunes Bundle

    1. Ignorance (Acoustic)

    2. Brick by Boring Brick (Acoustic)

    3. Turn It Off (Acoustic)

    These are their demos.


    Another Day

    Breathe (Until Tomorrow)

    Hello Hello

    Just Like Me

    My Number One


    Stay Away

    Swim In Silence


    This Circle

    Throwing Punches

    Covers they did.

    Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)

    My Hero

    Faces In Disguise

    Sunday Bloody Sunday

    Stuck On You

    Use Somebody

    You Ain't Woman Enough

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    That's What You Get Lyrics

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    The Only Exeption Lyrics

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    Turn It Off Lyrics

    Until Tomorrow Lyrics

    We Are Broken Lyrics

    When It Rains Lyrics

    Where the Lines Overlap Lyrics

    Whoa Lyrics

    You Ain't Woman Enough (Loretta Lynn Cover) Lyrics

    just google it next time..

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    they have a the riot CD..and the song only go on or and if u cant find the ones you want just google paramore CD's

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    Go to or

    they have all the songs

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