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I can only eat two types of food, will this shorten my lifespan?

first off, i have anorexia, im not just a picky eater, i only eat these foods because to me, they're 'safe' and i know they won't make me put on weight or whatever, as for the last year or so, aside from vegatable soups that are very low calorie, this is what ive been eating and its got me down to about 80lb at my lowest.

well, on a daily basis for breakfast i have a bowl of bran cereal (the lowest calorie cereal you can get) and i use water on it, not milk. for lunch i might have some lettuce and cucumber salad or an apple or a pear, and for dinner i'll have some more cereal with an apple and a pear and maybe another piece of fruit if i don't feel greedy. i don't eat snacks or dairy or any type of meat or pasta or rice or bread. i only drink water which i drink tonnes of. i'm on antidepressents and sometimes i have a multivitamin. i exercise quite rigourously every day too and i never sit down unless i have to.

what health risks am i putting myself at?

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    ...You're anorexic.

    You're not only shortening your lifespan, you're going to end up killing yourself.

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    You probably know that raw cucumber is a negative calorie food. If you lose any more weight, you'll do irreparable damage to yourself. Some effects of Anorexia can be permanent. All depending on what age the condition started.

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    You are starving your body, by not giving it engough proteins For it to grow, and when your body stops being able To consume what you eat, it starts To eat itself (you), then you will hace no forces To move well, breathe well and your metabolism will collapse and you will die from the failure of varios systems.

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    You're basically starving yourself. Your body is eating away at itself to substitute for what you're not giving it, which is protein, iron, carbohydrates, etc. You could become anemic.

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    9 years ago

    i wish you better, a tip add just a little honey to your bran flakes

  • 9 years ago

    You're putting yourself at risk for organ failure and death.

  • 9 years ago

    Is this some kind of joke? Nobody is perfect.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Starvation .

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