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I have have a us cellular assesment to finish... help?

Hello, sorry to bother but I'm asking for help I ve been without a job and now I have an opportunity and I'm very nervous please help me with my us cellular assessment.

I have to rate this statements from most important to least important

There should be 2 statements that are sleast important and

2 two that are the most important... please help please

5 numbe 2

7 number 3

8 number 4

11 number 5

8 number 6

7 number 7

5 number 8

2 number 9 most important

       1. Setting challenging goals for performance.

2. Being free to choose one’s work activities.

3. Willingly assiting others at work.

4. Controlling financial resources at work.

5. Having pleasant and attractive surroundings at work.

6. Engaging in exciting work activities.

7. Interacting with others on a frequent basis.

8. Maintaining a clean and tidy work area.

9. Having authority over others.

10. Obeying workplace rules and regulations.

11. Receiving praise from others in the workplace.

12. Working long hours to finish a project on time.

13. Expressing individuality in one’s work.

14. Being concerned about others’ well being.

15. Earning a significant pay raise.

16. Engaging in fun work activities.

17. Performing stimulating job activities.

18. Tolerating others’ mistakes.

19. Knowing what to expect from one's job.

21. Restraining impulses to criticize others.

22. Being looked up to by others.

23. Acquiring new knowledge and skills.

24. Working independently of others on a task.

25. Volunteering to assist others.

26. Using expensive equipment at work.

27. Seeking out pleasurable work situations.

28. Working in an exciting environment.

29. Cooperating with others.

30. Being cautious and careful in the performance of one's job.

31. Directing others on how to perform a task.

32. Following procedures even when inconvenient.

33. Being popular among coworkers.

34. Seeking opportunities for professional growth.

35. Making one’s own decisions at work.

36. Considering the safety of others.

37. Being highly compensated for one's work.

38. Being happy and contented while at work.

39. Performing novel and interesting tasks.

40. Working harmoniously on a team with others.

41. Maintaining a highly organized work area.

42. Granting others permission to proceed with a task.

43. Treating others in a courteous and fair manner.

 44. Preserving one’s public image.

45. Suggesting ways to improve performance.

46. Having control over one's work.

47. Being a good citizen of an organization.

48. Accumulating financial resources for one's work group.

49. Finding time for relaxing activities at work.

50. Feeling energized from a new challenge.

51. Working in a trusting and cohesive group.

52. Attending to details and being precise.

53. Evaluating others’ work activities and products.

54. Treating others the way you want to be treated.

55. Being held in high esteem by others.

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    D is correct about this. It is NOT a knowledge test. It is a test to determine what kind of person you are and what personality traits you possess.

    Us strangers here on Yahoo Answers have no idea what you are like, so we could not perform this assignment. And I bet even your own parents and best friends would not be able to place all of these traits in the proper order to reflect your personality. After all, they can't see how you behave when they are not around.

    Only you can perform this assignment accurately because only you know exactly what kind of person you are. Only you know exactly what you like and don't like, what your priorites are, and what is important to you.

    #1 - Start out by reading through all of the traits just to become familiar with them.

    #2 - Next, write down the first one on the list in the center of a blank sheet of paper or type it in the center of a blank word document on your computer.

    #3 - Next, think about the next one in the list above. How important is that to what you already have written or typed? If it is more important, write or type it about halfway above the one on your list. If it is less important, write or type it about halfway below the one on your list.

    #4 - Next, think about the next one in the list above. How important is that to what you already have written or typed? If it is more important, write or type it about halfway above the ones on your list. If it is less important, write or type it about halfway below the ones on your list. Or you might want to place it somewhere inbetween the traits on your list.

    #5 - Continue repeating #4 until you finished going through the entire list.

    Even if we were to provide you with what you are aksing for, that would be unfair to your employer. Why lie to them when they are being kind to you by offering you employment?

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    It's all relevant as to where you plan on using it. Overall Verizon has the best coverage but not in all geographical areas.

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    They are trying to assess you, and there is no right and wrong answer here. Go for it. You can do this.

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