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Myra asked in PetsDogs · 10 years ago

Just wondering if I am the only person that thinks there should be a law as follows:?

Only a lic. breeder or owner of show dogs will be allowed to breed. If neither, your cat/dog will be spayed or neutered. Obtaining a lic. will not be easy, someone will come out to inspect kennels, birthing rooms etc. then you will be checked on once a year. No one will be allowed to have a litter of pups/cats just because they want a little extra money. I know we have way to many laws, but something needs to be done to stop just anybody from bringing more unwanted pets into being just to end up at a shelter, dumped or worse used in fighting rings.

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    I'm for a law that says all pets must be spayed/nuetered unless you are a liscenced breeder. There would still be an ample supply of rescue dogs, since dogs do what they do and there will always be stray dogs. But most rescue pets are somebody's bought pet getting busy with a neighborhood dog. If 90% of pets (INCLUDING TOY DOGS) were fixed then most of the dog issues would disappear. How many times has the question "My (chihuahua, yorkie, red nosed pit) is pregnant, what should I do? You should have had her fixed before this happened.

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    10 years ago

    Since the majority of hobby breeders, who are the backbone of the breed, have the whelping box next to their bed, I do not agree with the idea of inspections. I do not want government officials inspecting my bedroom or anywhere in my home.

    Instead of banging on the breeders, why not educate the public? If the public did not have more money than sense, along with a terminal case of the "I wants", we wouldn't have the designer dog fad or the crappy backyard breeders.

    True, some crap breeders will dump a litter when they don't sell, but the vast majority of dogs being dumped are young adult dogs. They were an impulse purchase (those "I wants") that grew and wasn't so cute anymore. Besides which the blasted dog never did quit peeing on the carpet - off to the dump, err, animal shelter to "find a good home". The next puppy is installed in the home very soon, sometimes within days.

    An irresponsible, spoiled public treats its pets like crap and the good breeders are supposed to have their homes inspected to solve 'the problem'? Nope. I do not agree.

  • Pamela
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    10 years ago

    Well i don't know about other countries, but here in the US we have the right to vote and they would never be able to pass a law such as this, because voters would vote it down in a heart beat.

    As a breeder my self and a person that owns show dogs it is not fair to others to not be allowed to breed their dogs.

    If only breeders were allowed to sell dogs then they would not sell to many because all puppies would have to be spayed and neutered by the breeder hiking up the price of the dogs.

    If dog owners were more responsible there would not be as many stray dogs and our shelters would not be full.


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I think that is a great idea for a law. I volunteer at an animal shelter so I hear way too many tragic stories about unwanted animals. The only thing that I don't agree with in your law is that the owners of show dogs can breed their dogs. I feel that this would cause a problem with the owners of regular dogs who want to breed them.

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  • 10 years ago

    If we leave breeding in the hands of show dog owners, they will select for physically attractive traits (e.g. smallness as in the current 'miniature' trend for many breeds, curled ears in cats, deformed legs in Munchkins, etc) that are not healthy for the pet. They will also not take into account defects such as hernias, tendency for allergies, and aggression when choosing which animals to breed and not breed. So, show dog owners are not MY choice for people that should be in charge of all breeding! And, sadly, a number of 'licensed breeders' are in it only for the money, they don't get fantastic vet care for their bitches and sires and tend to deworm and vaccinate pups themselves instead of getting good veterinary care in order to cut costs. Sometimes you can get the best pet puppy from a backyard breeder that has one ***** and had a litter of pups that were loved and raised in a family of children and cats: they are not necessarily 'breed standard' in measurements and color, but they are very healthy and well adjusted dogs! I agree that something needs to be done, such as spaying or neutering pups before they are purchased from the owner of the ***** before the new owner gets them. I see several breeders that do this with their pet quality animals, and they just add that cost into the purchase price. Shelters do this before adoption also. If people would be more responsible about checking out the homes they get for their bitches puppies and making sure that those animals are sterilized, that would help a lot toward decreasing the surplus pet population.

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  • 10 years ago

    so in other words only puppy mills should be allowed to breed dogs?

    reputable breeder have a spare bedroom, a corner of livingroom/ kitchen not a "whelping room" and the "kennel area may well be the living room

    its been tried - with a result of INCREASED pound surrender

  • 10 years ago

    Replace the word ''dog'' with the word "children" and I'll go along with it.

    And who is going to administer this 'wonderful' plan of yours. Is it going to be the Government ( 30 Trillion in debt from managing our money ). Or some dog breeding association that will determine for us what kind of dog we need. What you propose would be so rife with corruption that it would never work for anyone except the ones taking in the money.

  • Kevin
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    10 years ago

    If you go that route you also need to make an exception for working line breeds.

    They are not show dogs and infact ask any knowledgable GSD person and they

    will tell you to avoid an American Bred Show GSD. AKC show Shepherds have slope

    backs and thin legs. Compare a German bred to a "show bred" and it's a world of

    difference.Other than that, I like your idea

  • 10 years ago

    IF ONLY....

    There would be difficulties with any method tried to be honest.

    But just WISH there could be something done. Fed up of seeing so many dogs put to sleep because of irresponsible breeding.

  • 10 years ago

    Well I do agree. That should be a rule but it would take a lot of work to even try to make it a law. And no you're not the only one. Nice question.

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