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How can you tell if your dog has a bladder infection?

Lately, I'm finding puddles on the carpet and my dog hasn't had an accident in quite a long time. Could she have a bladder infection or is it a behavioral problem? (We just had a visiting male dog for several months who was "marking" the furniture.)

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    Collect a specimen of her urine in a clean container and take it to a vet for urinalysis. This will confirm the presence or absence of bacteria.

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    In my opinion, it COULD be a bladder infection, but I think its more likely a behavorial problem. You said a male dog was marking all over the furniture for a while, so now that hes gone, if you hadnt cleaned the areas thoroughly (a white vinegar & water solution would work fine), your dog could go over the spots and mark too. Thats what happened with my dog. We had a little female peeing all over our carpets and we didnt clean it thouroughly, then came along my dog and just peed over the spots she went and he was housebroken, so he knew going inside was a no-no . Just my opinion(:

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    Could be a UTI, could be behavioral or could be spay incontinence. Take her to the vet for a urine analysis to rule out a UTI. If a UTI is ruled out then as for behavioral verse spay incontinence. Where are you finding puddles? Is it where she tends to lay/sleep, if so it is more likely spay incontinence (treated with medication in most cases. She will be on it for the rest of her life it is a treatment not a cure) If you are finding them in areas where the visiting male marked then its more likely to be behavioral.

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    Frequent urination and a loss of house training are the signs that people notice most. Others include an increase in water consumption, painful abdomen, excessive licking, and blood in the urine. I'd have the vet check a urine sample before blaming this as behavioral.

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    A bladder infection, also called a urinary tract infection (UTI) or acute cystitis, occurs when bacteria gets into the urinary tract and begins reproducing out of control. Bladder infections are among the most common infectious canine health conditions. The prognosis for dog bladder infections is good with proper antibiotic treatment. Bladder infections in dogs have similar symptoms to those shown by humans.

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    Could certainly be a UTI. Behavioral changes warrant a medical check up first. Your vet will advise you whether a sample is needed.

    Julissa, it's best to cite your source:

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    My female had a water infection. I was first alerted to it because she need to wee a lot.

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    drinks lots of water and is peeing alot.

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