Can't remember name of book- about red Indian girl, sent to Ireland, she has a dog that is taken away from her?

I read this book during vacation while in elementary school, I saw it in the library and it looked interesting. Now this is almost 10 years later, I just remember vaguely what the book was about, but can't remember the name.

This is what I remember:

-I think the red Indian girl is a princess or something. She is taken to Ireland (it might have been England) away from her family (I think they were killed_

-Her beloved dog is also taken away from her and used in dog fighting, I think he was a champion

- One day she goes to watch it and sees her dog, who has become very scary and angry from all the abuse but he still recognizes her (reminds me of the horse from Black Beauty, which always makes my eyes water!)

I think that's the gist of the book anyway, does anyone know of the book? If so please tell me the name,

Thanks soooo much, I greatly appreciate it

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    A "red Indian girl" is now called a Native American girl, first of all.

    In '03, a book by Paul Allen called "Pocahontas: Medicine Woman, Spy, Entrepreneur, Diplomat" was written about the woman known variously as 'Mataoka, Amonute and Lady Rebecca Rolfe' and tells a tale written on fairly thin ice.

    No one knows much about this woman, Pocahontas or Lady Rolfe, since she kept no diary still extant today, and few knew her at all beyond the time she died, at age "20-21" - according to some.

    "Pocahontas and the Strangers" is a book 96 pages long, written in '88 (first copyright then) by Clyde Robert Bulla and written for youngsters. That may be what you recall.

    Many more books have been written about her but I see none about a dog as well.


    I also saw the book "The True Story of Pocahontas: The Other Side of History" - from the oral tradition of N/A storytelling, this one written (after generations) by members of the Mattaponi Tribe, a core tribe of the Powhatan tribes, which Pocahontas was from. It's written for older readers, however.

    Pocahont was a native girl taken to England and there she died, yet I find no reference to a "beloved dog."

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    I think the book that you mentioned chronicled the story of Pocahontas. You may search for any information related to her and maybe you will find the name of that book. Good luck!

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