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How do you go about getting my license in the state of IL?

So I turned 18 a few months ago I haven't gotten around to getting my license and a few months ago found out that the school I'm now at requires that every student needs a license to graduate. How do I go about doing this? I'm assuming its ok that I can just walk in and do a drivers test? I completed the drivers ed course and everything, I passed the written test, I don't think I need hours so yeah....

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    The reason you need a license to graduate is because you enrolled in and completed the Drivers ED course except for passing the driving requirements so at 18 you walk into the Secretary of states office in your area and take the test once you do they will issue a full license and you can graduate.{}

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    You don't even need a Drivers License to graduate. Just go to the DMV in your area and request an ID card.

    But have a Drivers License could be helpful in the future...

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    I am sure that a valid state id would work as well. You can ask! There are many medical conditions that will not allow for a drivers license to be issued,


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