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Unemployment Extension in IL?

I have filed an original claim middle of December 2009. My regular benefits expired mid June, received EUC Tier 1 which expired before Nov 27 2010. That qualified me (under July legislature) to qualify for Tier 2. I received letter by the end of Nov stating that I qualified for Tier 2 and my balanced has been adjusted. Even went to IDES offce 2 weeks ago and was told that I am indeed on Tier 2 and have additional 14 weeks of benefits. However just today I received a letter saying that my claim has expired (exactly one year after I filed) and a new claim was automatically entered on my behalf and I do not qualify because had no earnings. OK. So I went to IDES office today and spoke to them. I received no answers - just to keep certifing and I should receive a letter in the mail or my money within 2 weeks. I really demanded some sort of an answer but the gentelmen was uninformed and told me he did not know. There were many more people with same notices. One more thing - the letter said to go to IDES office before 12/30 and check my eligibility however that guy had no answers. What is happening - does anyone know. How can I receive a letter qualifing me for EUC Tier 2 even under old legislature and then receive this?. I know pretty much everything there was said on IDES website and in any way cannot figure it out. Please explain it to me if you can. Only serious anwers please.

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  • 10 years ago
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    You are confusing two different things. A "new claim" and "EUC Tier 2" and two different, mutually exclusive things.

    A "new claim" means exactly that, another "original" claim for the base 26 weeks. That is what you do not qualify to receive. It does not mean that you are not qualified for the EUC Tier 2. In fact, it means the exact opposite. If you had qualified for a new claim, then you would have gotten only the new claim for the next 26 weeks, and would not have gotten the EUC Tier 2 during that time. You can get the EUC Tier 2 because the "new" claim was denied.

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