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Don S
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Don S asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 9 years ago

How was it possible for the military to entrust to a lowly Pfc (Manning)...?

extensive amount of super sensitive material over a period of time? What kind of special qualifications did Pfc. Manning have for the military to allow him access to top secret documents over a period of years? I was a commissioned officer aboard ship in the US Navy and I couldn't gain access to the radio room. What does this tell you about the quality of our security? And why hasn't the media question Pfc. Manning's accessibility towards these sensitive military and diplomatic documents. Someone higher up may provide some answers to this.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The material released to Wikileaks, while extensive, certainly wasn't super sensitive. At best it was mildly embarrassing for the United States to have the information become public. I'm assuming, since Manning is a PFC, his access to the documents didn't occur over a period of years, but that he got access to all of it over a relatively short period of time. The Army promotes enlisted faster then the Navy does, and PFC is an easy rank to receive. I have seen some media personalities questioning Manning's accessibility, but I agree not many. I'm assuming that prior to the trial, the Army isn't willing to disclose to many details about Manning's case for fear of jeopardizing the prosecutions efforts. After Manning's Court Marshal more information should be forthcoming.

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  • Ray
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    9 years ago

    PFC Manning worked in military intelligence and had a top secret clearance. All this means is that his background check was spectacularly uneventful. You can't quantify "douchebag" with a fingerprint check or a credit check.

    Anyway, everything is networked anymore. Even dirtbag analysts have access to the network and a big part of working at a low level (I don't even know what echelon he was working at) is sending and receiving information to make sure the end users (line soldiers) get the right product.

    There's tons of that stuff floating around out there. I guess war has changed a lot since you were in... and since there's a lot more of us needing a lot more information over on dry land.

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  • Pete T
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    9 years ago

    You can only background character , honesty and integrity so far. There is that infinitesimal quality of an individual that never comes out until they think they are above the fray and that they are too smart to get caught being up to no good. I remember being attached to the NSA and our first sergeant was going to go inside and see what his people did until the marine guard not to gently placed his 45 under his nose and offered to air out his sinuses if he took another step. Needless to say the 1st shirt requested a transfer away from us " crazy as* " intelligence types.

    Source(s): Former 4 R rank , no respect , no recognition and no record
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