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Hey... Im doing a comparesion essay for my english class. I was wondering if you guys could proof read it.?

Every countries has it own unique, breathtaking picturesque scenery that captivates us. Its history and tradition gives us a whole a lot of unfamiliar facts about how each individual spend their daily life and gives us a berfily deception about food, culture and living condition. In most count res you will only see the Beautiful side, but you will never experience what is like living on the dark side where the grass isn't always greener. Canada and Venezuela although they both have some beneficial, but these two counties has its downfall.....

Venezuela is a fascinating country its well known to be one of the richest and wealthiest country in all southern america due to the petroleum reserves. The people, the land and lifestyle make Venezuela a remarkable country because it is a very diverse. It is a multicultural, and it's considered to be Melting Pot; meaning many people from many nation coming together to make this country special and unique. Its tough living in Venezuela because of all the corruption going on, and no rule regulations. Venezuelan people has to work very hard for very little. Its extremely difficult to make a good living unless you studied law or medicine, and most obvious have a lot of money. Due to venezuela extreme highly homicide rate, Some of the people can be extremely violent, with one glare they can easily rob you, and if you wearing anything fashionable they will take no hesitation of killing you. Where-ever you are you must keep an eye out. There are a lot of inequalities between cities and states, politics are corrupted and are WAY behind! making the whole social system very random in how they deal with they're different laws, and rules. The police are so corrupt and can't be trusted. For instance if they stop you from drinking and driving you can easily pay them and pretend like nothing has happened. There are also a lot of gangs and drugs making it a very dangerous place to live. The majority of the upper class people live inside gated areas due to the crime. But on the positive side venezuela has a lot of amazing people and is truly a beautiful place to see its natural wonders. However, economically wise, The president of venezuela Hugo Chavez has destroyed the country incentive to work as attempts to be the next "Castro". Chavez is basing his whole economy on the high price of oil while destroying private industry and productive farming. Venezuelans are suffering and are in great pain of what Chavez is doing, to their their beautiful county. Venezuelan cant seem to break of the chain that's chocking them together, theres no liberty no freedom, theres are always war going on, people against their own race. The only self idity they have is love and family... Hopefully, Venezuela will soon become a great nation to live, where each individual can be at peace.

Canada is a country of oppuntiy rather your an outsider. Canada will offer opportunityintu to work and to experience what you neexperienceince back home. Unlike venezutransportationtion is reaconvenienttent, and vaccessiblebile. Canada is best known for its natural resources and scenic wonders, such as the beautiful Niagara Falls, the great mountains and different climates. Canada is one of the best countries to live, because of many factors; Life expectancy, universHealth carecare, education, and child tax benefit. Life Expectancy is the most important reason that makes Canada a good place to live. Life expectancy increased in Canada due to improvement in public health, modern medicine and nutrition. Canadians are more aware of their health and how to maintain a better quality of life by eating right, exercising and regular medical. Life in canada is clam and most importantly secure!!. don'tdont have to worry much about robbery, assintorspovertyrty.

Canadians has it easy it, they don't have to worry about anything, no money crisis sine tgovernmentent pretty much gives them money every month. corruptionion what so ever, and no suffering nor pain due to the strict rules... The only pain, and suffering canadians feel is when heavy snow pours down and they must shovel their drive way.... Like i saearlierler they basically have everythiaccessibleile to them.. However, Canadians don't seem to have the warm connection between other citizen like tVenezuelanlen people.. Canadians lack Communicationion lack of love akindnessrss is what makCanadiansaunattachedact ableVenezuelanean on the other hand, they afriendlydly more, outgoing and they will open their arms to anyone who crosses their land. This is what makes Venezuela more acttarble and more welcoming.

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    Seriously?? There's so many things wrong with this essay. Take this, copy and past it into Microsoft Word and if it doesn't start to bleed red with errors then hit the Spell Checker Button. You can't see all the words meshed in together? Too easy to fix since it is blatantly staring you in the face.

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    Yikes! If you are cheating by having others proof-read your essays to cover up your English grammar and spelling incompetence, you deserve a failing grade.

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