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What do i have to take in order for me to get my license in texas?

I'm finally turning 16 tomorrow. But the DMV has been putting me on hold all day, and i really need

to know what in all i need to bring to the dmv for me to get my license!

I have my Certificate for passing drivers ed. But what else?

social? birth certificate? etc?


Yeah i do know what i need to do in order to getting my license,

MY QUESTION, is what do i need to bring in order for me to even be able to do all of the stuff.

Because in texas if we took drivers ed, our test is already done if we passed the class. we just need

to take the driving/eye test.

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    Requirements for All Applicants

    All first time applicants for a Texas driver license must:

    1.Apply in person at a Texas Driver License office.

    2.Present documents that verify your Identity. Different documents are required if you are a U.S. citizen or have Lawful Presence. This may require you to present one or more documents at the driver license office. All information on each document you present must match. Additional documentation may be required to verify conflicting information, incomplete names and date of birth.

    3.Present proof of Social Security Number. If you do not have a Social Security Number, you must complete a Social Security Affidavit form available at the Texas Driver License office.

    4.Present proof of Texas vehicle registration and liability insurance on all vehicles you own.

    5.Complete the application (PDF).

    6.Consent to be photographed, fingerprinted, and provide your signature at the time of application.

    7.Pass the written, driving and vision examinations. Foreign Language Examinations.

    8.Pay the required fee with cash, money order, or a non-temporary check only.

    9.Provide a vehicle for the driving exam, and present current liability insurance, Texas vehicle registration, and inspection for the vehicle.

    NOTE: In addition to the above, any individual between the ages of 18 and 24 must provide proof of Adult Driver Education.

    Under age 18

    A learner license to drive allows a beginning driver to operate a vehicle with someone in the front seat that is 21 years of age or older and holds a valid license. The minimum legal driving age in Texas is 15 years of age. Please refer to the Teen Driver information for additional requirements.

    A current or new resident of Texas who is under 18 years of age must:

    1.Complete the requirements for an original applicant (see Requirements above).

    2.Present the driver education completion certificate. All applicants who have a learner’s license or a provisional (full class) driver license will be required to submit the completion certificate.


    Present a Parental Driver Education Affidavit (DL-90A) and Classroom Instruction and Behind-the-Wheel Record (DL-91A and DL-91B) for parent taught driver education only.

    3.Submit a Verification of Enrollment and Attendance (VOE) (CDD-104) form, or a letter from the school administrator as a substitute for the Verification of Enrollment and Attendance form. The letter must contain the same information as the VOE form.

    4.Obtain parental authorization (If Parent Taught Driver Education was completed, parent must be present to sign).

    NOTE: The VOE form verifies the applicant is enrolled in a public school, home school, private school or GED program. The VOE form is required for original and renewal applicants under the age of 18. VOE forms are valid for 30 days after issuance in the spring and fall semesters and for 90 days during the summer.

    If you want to obtain a hardship license (Minor’s Restricted Driver License-MRDL), the minimum age is 15, but not more than 18. You must:

    1.Complete the requirements for an original applicant (see Requirements above).

    2.Complete the DL-77 MRDL application (PDF) for screening of eligibility.

    3.Obtain Parental Authorization Signature (parent must be present to sign).

    The hardship license must be renewed every 60-days. If a certificate for completion of driver education is submitted, the hardship license must be renewed annually.

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    You will need the Certificate from your drivers ed class, An original birth certificate (No copies), A Social Security card, a student ID, A licensed driver (that brought you), A legal vehicle, and a parent or guardian.

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    Texas Voe Form

  • 1 decade ago do know that you have to take tests to actually get a license, correct? You have to pass a computer test and a driving test and it's not going to be an "in and out" type deal you're going to have to go at least twice if you don't make an appointment for both.

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