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Vegetarian, low fat-carb-calorie lunch options for a picky 8 y.o?

My son's doctor recently put him on a mostly vegetarian, low fat, decreased bread/pasta, decreased calorie, high fiber diet with no prepared foods. I need some ideas on what to send him for lunch at school. I am a vegan but eat a lot of whole grains such as breads/pastas but the doc said my son should not. He is very picky. Anyone have some ideas of what I can send him? Dinners are easy and I am not concerned about them, just need lunch ideas.

I can send him fruits and veggies which he will eat, but what about the main dish and other snacks? (Used to have sandwiches but I know he won't eat Hummus and the doc does not want him having all that bread but he likes PB; he likes Smart Dogs fake hot dogs which I've been giving him at home, fake chicken nuggets; Hates beans; Prefers bland foods... IDK what is left after we take out the things the doc said...) He is picky because of his Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism. He has health issues (High triglycerides, cholesterol, and a fatty liver as well as being obese because of some meds he's on) which is why the doc is recommending this "Diet".

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    Boy oh boy what a nightmare. First of all, you're a star for managing this.

    As you say, there is not much left at all when you cut out fat and complex carbs.

    You did say that he likes bland foods. Also, you obviously need to find a decent source of protein for him. Two suggestions - natural yoghurt (low/no fat version) and tofu! Both contain the protein he needs, are not excitingly flavoured (you can adjust this with the many recipes online, and as a vegan I'm sure you have experience with this!) and fit the doc's criteria. The fiber will come from the fruit and veg you're giving him.

    Hopefully this helps.

    Good luck!

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    Becoming vegetarian is an hard choice, especially with kids hyped up on the carnivorous American diet. Gradually lowering kids off of meat and flour is better than quitting cold turkey (quite literally!). Having meat every now and again isn't so bad. Now, the type of meat is what you want to look at. Fish is high in amino acids (protein building blocks), which is good for growing kids. Chicken and other poultry is good on occasion. Beef and the likes are ok every now and again. Although, if you want to go total veghead, beans is a must. Sadly, beans can taste horribly bland. I suggest hiding them in foods. Black bean burgers with the likes and a tad bit of ranch dressing is one of my favorites. Chole (chickpea curry) served on rice is grea toot. Lentil soup is high in iron and fiber. Red lentil soup is one of my favorite soups, especially with a slice of rustic whole wheat bread and pesto! Now what your kid will really like is hummus sandwiches. Just simply take a piece of whole wheat pita, cover in hummus, and add some dill and spinach. Fold it in half and you have a wonderful sandwich. I prefer Sabra hummus; it has a tangy taste to it, which kids seem to like.

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