Why are some cars towed to private lots and others impounded to a public city tow yard?

The police told me that my car is at this Baltimore City impound lot but that they had no other information to tell me...

Before, the police had said that there was nothing in the system about my car but 3 days later it shows up at city impound. At this lot, they like sell your car at police auction if you leave it for too long.


How could my car have ended up at this lot if it wasn't in a privately owned property? Why would someone from the city bring it here?

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    10 years ago
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    In my area (and I assume many others) the correct answer is it depends.

    If the city police order your car towed it goes to the city impound yard. If it is done correctly a note is made so that if you call later they can tell you where it is. However, if a Sheriff Deputy or State Trooper tows your car (even if it's in the city) it goes to a private lot by a contractor. Again, if the policy is followed the impound should be entered in the computer so they can tell you where the car is.

    Finally, if a private property owner wants your car towed off of his lot he calls his own tow operator who tows and stores the car. Again this private tow operator is supposed to call the appropriate police department to report it.

    I know it's confusing. But, its not supposed to happen that way. But obviously the police get busy or the dispatcher gets behind and then it gets lost in the system.

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    It does depend on the city. Some cities use private tow companies to pick up and store cars. At the same time they may use the city impound lot for warrant or overdue parking tickets. There is no rhyme or reason for the differences from city to city.

    Source(s): retired law enforcement
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    Business owners can ask the police to call a tow truck if you are illegally parked. The tow trucks are on a list and they tow to either their business or the City Impound lot.

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    It's probably just slow updating the system as to what's in the city impound.

    My dad had a car stolen in Memphis once. It was recovered the next day, but took the Memphis police over four weeks to discover it was in their own impound lot.

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    Well you can't ever figure out why one police officer does one thing and the next one handles the same situation in a different way. No two people do thinks alike is what I'm saying.

    I had my car towed one time after I had a wreck which, by the way I hit a police officer of all things. Yes, I know it was a horrible thing to have happened. But U must understand that I never intended to leave my house that morning and have this happen. Only to hit a police officer who was by the way in my blind spot totally! Oh and to make matters worse that day then, the police officer I accidentally hit was not nice to me at all. In fact I was standing there shaking so bad that I was just in shock and the fear was overboard for me at the time. Because while I tried to get out of my car and speak to the police officer who I had hit by accident and to this day I am not so sure if he didn't tip the back of my car. Causing my car to take a tail spin and leave the road pretty much. It was scary! I have never been so scared in my life! I stood there thinking that well things will be ok and I lost a great car from the wreck but luckily, I did have insurance that ended up paying the police officer 10,000 dollars to fix his unmarked vehicle which was not worth ten thousand dollars in my own opinion. I felt this was a bit to high since the officer did not seem hurt at the time of the wreck because he went to unloading his truck which was loaded down with high powered guns that looked like A-K 47's right after that wreck. His wife made it to the seen of the accident in no time and she,her friends was allowed to stand there on the side of the road making cruel and just down right mean remarks about me like, I had meant to be there in this horrible scary accident and like I wanted it to happen. Yeah Right! There was another cop that flew up to the scene as soon as it happened and he begin screaming at me at the top of his lungs, like don't move, he also begin to give me those test and No I was not messed up on anything. So you can imagine how shocked I was and so scared speechless when this was happening to me. I was just in total shock the whole time. asked him and he said yes/ He seemed pretty fine while unloading heavy guns out of his truck, into his wife's truck. lol But later on I tried to tell my insurance company that his arm was not hurt as bad as he had said it was since he was sure able to carry all those heavy guns and unload them into his wife's truck at the time. Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

    I later hired an attorney who got the charges dropped due to, the note that my Doctor wrote about my neurological disorder. Woo! Talk about being treated wrong!

    I still have the tape to this day just to remind me of how sorry I never will be treated again! I finally got my car back, won the case, but yet still got charged with one charge which now I wish I had I pleaded not quilty to it all since i know that would have been right for me to do so.I should have taken it to a jury trial but, I was scared and to scare someone like that is totally not ok! I was just wanting it to be over with since they kept placing the trial off for like two years and I thought that was wrong as well. But what can one do.

    I know that I have a point here and it is that if you ever feel that you have been done wrong by the police or a tow guy then fight it all the way because sooner or later. Any case will get into the right hands or honest hands/.Then they will take one look at it and see that you was snowballed!

    Actually there are still really good people in this world. You just have to fight for your own rights sometimes until the good people have a chance to see the case for themselves and hear your side.

    I paid a high tow to the dishonest Tow guy. But in the long run the prosecutor in the case was just so kind to me and she even hugged me and told me how sorry she was that I had been put through what I had gone through. I am not kidding You! Don't ever give up if your rights as a human being have been wronged./ Sometimes it's better to stay and prove your right instead of just wanting it to go away like I wanted it to do because I had a neurological disorder! I'm really happy now I didn't just walk away and from now on I will always try to take it to someone who can hear both sides and make a honest professional decision into any situtaion! I hope you do this as well and I hope my story can help someone else to take whatever to jury trial if they are innocent no matter what and how long it takes or stay and let the right people see that you didn't do anything wrong to deserve the unjust treatment if that happened to you even a Tow bill.. .LOL

    God Bless You!

    Source(s): This happned to me! How very scary to this day! But it did end well and I know it was well worth it!
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