Can you help me solve this math question (im too dumb to know the answer :[?

Hi. And yes. i know what your thinking. "wow, didn't this girl just ask us a different question like 5 minutes ago? WOW. CHEATER!" no. im not. I had my math exam i did mailed back to me so i could correct the problems i got wrong. I already did some of the questions my dad helped me with, but there was 4 questions that we didn't know how to do. I go to an online school, and i can't get any online tutors at the minute because were in the middle of christmas/new years break. i shall stop talking now.


Question 1: Write an equation for a line parallel to the line through (1, -2) and (-3, 5)

Question 2: The Linear function d = 40t can be used to describe the motion of a certain car, where t represents the time in hours and d represents distance traveled, in miles. What does the coefficient, 40, represent in the equation? Include units with the answer.

Question 3: Given the following increasing numerical pattern, determine the type of relationship that exists (linear or quadratic) and justify your conclusion.

3, 6, 12, 24, 48, ...

Make an X and Y table and graph the relationship.


Can you guys help me out with these questions :[?

And yes. i know what your thinking this time. "WOW. she doesn't know the answer to these questions? just. WOW." I know :[ because im retarded like that...

Thanks in advance again!<3333

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    Question 1: The slope of the line that passes through both of those points is -7/4.

    Change in y over change in x.

    5-(-2) / -3-1

    7/-4 or -7/4

    You have the slope of the line but think for a second. We also need to know the y intercept of this line because if we were to give a line that had the same y intercept, it would be the same line. It wouldn't be parallel.

    So we find b using one of those two points:

    y=mx + b

    -2= -7/4 (1) = b


    The equation of this line is y= -7/4 - 1/4.

    All you need to do now is write the equation of a line with that same slope AND a different b (y intercept) to be correct. For the sake of making things easy, you would be correct in saying that y = -7/4 is parallel to the line passing through (1, -2) and (-3, 5).

    Question 2: This is the formula d=rt

    40 represents the rate, which is distance/t or in this case miles per hour. You can easily see this if you isolate r and get r=d/t. Thus, 40mi/h.

    Question 3: Well it is easy to see that this is a linear relationship. If you let x=each number, then you notice that 2x always yields the following number.

    So. y=2x

    X Y(output)

    3 6

    6 12

    12 24

    24 48

    48 96

    And you can clearly see the pattern.

    You are not dumb, don't sweat it! We all had to learn this stuff and it's not easy at first.

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    what if someone gave you the wrong answer, lol

    and idk sorry im learning it i failed.

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