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Why were the Allies so reluctant to enter warfare with Nazi Germany?

During the 1938 Munich Agreement why was Neville Chamberlain so anxious to avoid war?

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    the UK was not ready still getting over WW1 and the Depression

    it is a Fact that Corporate America Put Hitler with the approval of FDR who with Rockefeller and Prescott Bush made a Gigantic loan to the NAZIS in 1933 to help Hitler and the NAZIS win the election thus causing WW2

    and all of these companies and people helped the NAZIS up to 1945

    ITT owned Factory of Fokker Wolf Under Templehof airport Building and repairing fighters whilst the Russians were shelling the Runway with slave Labour

    On Hitler's birthday in 1939, the Ford Company in germany US owned sent him a gift of 50,000 Marks as a token of its loyalty.

    Ford is actually the only American that Hitler even mentions in his book Mein Kampf.

    By 1941, the Ford Werke plant became one of the largest suppliers of military vehicles to the German Army.

    the Grand Service Cross of the German Eagle was presented to these Americans from Hitler

    James Mooney, the General Motors executive in charge of European operations also received award. Coincidentally, his firm had also invested very heavily in Germany. In 1929, General Motors had bought up 80% of the German automobile firm of Opel.

    The same award was presented by Herman Göring to the wildly popular (and coincidentally, very wealthy, and highly politically 'connected') American aviation hero, Charles Lindbergh, in October, 1938

    Grand Cross of the Order of the German Eagle in Gold with Diamonds

    Benito Mussolini

    similar awards to

    Thomas J. Watson, chairman of IBM, 1937. Watson was also president of the International Chamber of Commerce in 1937;

    Henry Ford was awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle on his 75th birthday, 30 July 1938.

    General Olof Thörnell, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, was awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle 7 October 1940. so much for Neutrality

    Charles Lindbergh was awarded the Order of the German Eagle with Star 19 October 1938.

    SKF ignored the request to stop selling to Germany in 1943 because they were making to Much money

    here are a few that contributed up to and including 1945

    SKF of Philadelphia

    Standard Oil refuelling U Boats caught by the US coast Guard in 1943

    IG Farben Owned By standard oil which was owned By prescott Bush and the Rockefeller's

    Du Pont


    ITT owned 51% of Fokker Wolf up to 1945

    Coco Cola they developed Fanta in Germany

    Ford Opel in Germany owned and controlled fully by ford




    Standard Gas & Electric

    The International Harvester Company

    Herman Metz, a director of the Bank of Manhattan, controlled by the Warburgs.

    the Rockefeller Chase Bank remained Open in Paris up to 1944 doing Business with the Nazis

    Moreover, American assistance to Nazi war efforts extended into other areas.

    The largest tank producers in Hitler's Germany were General Motors (controlled by the J.P. Morgan firm),Opel a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford built his Trucks up to and including 1945

    the Ford A. G. subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company of Detroit. The Nazis granted tax-exempt status to Opel in 1936, to enable General Motors to expand its production facilities.

    General Motors obligingly reinvested the resulting profits into German industry.

    Henry Ford was decorated by the Nazis for his services to Nazism. with the "Grand cross of the German Eagle" which was never handed Back

    Alcoa and Dow Chemical worked closely with Nazi industry with numerous transfers of their domestic U.S. technology. Bendix Aviation, in which the J.P. Morgan-controlled General Motors firm had a major stock interest, supplied Siemens & Halske A. G. in Germany with data on automatic pilots and aircraft instruments. As late as 1940, in the "unofficial war," Bendix Aviation supplied complete technical data to Robert Bosch for aircraft and diesel engine starters and received royalty payments in return.

    all this is proven facts in any document when you Research trading with the Enemy WW2

    that is How Hitler could afford to pay only german Males to build his Nazi empire

    but here a couple of Links that have been around since about since 1939







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    For the Allies (Britain, Canada, France, U.S.A.), the First World War was an extremely costly affair. During the 1938 Munich Agreement, Neville Chamberlain was anxious to avoid war with Germany and Italy because only 20 years had passed since the last war. At the time, Chamberlain had no idea that Nazi Germany would invade Poland (and France), and he was very conscious of the price the Allies would have to pay in terms of lives and wealth if war were to break out again.

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    Hmmm, well I don't know about that, seems a bit far fetched to me. Now if you had said, they learned a lot of their tricks from them, I would have to agree with that. @ John E. I know that Israel lies about loads of things, but this number that you and a few other posters keep bringing up is just ridiculous. There is no way that the total number of Jewish people killed in the Holocaust is 300,000. The inhabitants of the Warsaw ghetto far exceeded that, and the majority of them were killed. Then add up the amount from all the other countries involved. Surely you can see how that number is woefully inadequate?

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    They didn't want to fight Germany again. They'd seen the cost of the last war. Even in September 1939, with Poland fighting tooth-and-nail to stop the enemy who overwhelmed them, did the French sit on their asses and do nothing. They had the manpower to smash Berlin and end the war a month after it started. Instead, they allowed 60 million to die, Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe to fall to Communism, and are responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews, 3 million Poles, simply because they were Poles and millions of others who died at the hands of the Nazis and Soviets.

    Personally, Chamberlain and that French PM are war criminals, just as responsible for the Holocaust and WWII as Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo.

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    There were many reasons.

    1) Both leaders wanted to avoid a repeat of the Great War (it was what WWI was called before WWII happened).

    2) Britain had disarmed and had fallen behind Germany. Britain was not ready for war. Even while he was signing the agreement, he had approved a massive rearmament programme.

    3) Many people in Britain now felt that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair, and that it was only reasonable for Germany to rearm, protect its territories, etc. They felt that if Germany got what it wanted, it'd pipe down.

    4) They wanted Germany to be strong so it could act as a buffer against Communism.

    5) They wanted to direct Hitler away from western Europe.

    EDIT: The guy who made the comment about FDR is an idiot. Don't listen to him. FDR was trying extremely hard to get into the war, but public opinion was against it.

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    The natural human tendency to avoid war, if possible, especially because the atrocities of a war were still in their memory.

    Less confidence about the preparedness of the Allies at that moment. Russian attitude was not clear. USA was neutral.

    Confidence that the Munich pact was 'peace with honour'

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    Two good reasons:

    1- They remembered the horrors of WW1, and wanted to prevent something like that at all costs.

    2- The Allies were very busy rearming themselves and weren't ready yet.

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    He remembered the Great War, but he had to fulfil his promise to Poland,that if Hitler attacked Poland Britain and France would go to war.

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    Rosseooovelt loved the germans. Ia m a devout jew and I know that jrooorslvet had a hate for us in his heat andworked with hitlerman o to anihilate us.

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    Because of WWI. They didn't want another bloody conflict.

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