Getting Cosmetology License and Going To 4 year university?

has anybody done this? i'm currently going to college but i wanted to go to a cosmetology school as well and i was wondering if anybody had already done this and what their experience with this was. was it hard to fit all your classes in? did you have time for a job? did it cause you to fail any of your classes b/c of lack of time? would you suggest finishing university before i start getting my cosmetology license?


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    I agree with the other respondent. The technical classes in cosmetology which include some biology, chemistry and anatomy & physiology may be too much to deal with while attending university. I would finish college first. With cosmetology school, please bypass those private ovepriced For-profit beauty/tech schools such as 'paul mitchell, the school', 'aveda institute', 'toni guy', 'empire beauty', 'marinello', 'regency' and instead consider the more affordable County Vo-Tech school or Community College as long as the program is accredited within the industry. It might take the cosmetology graduate a couple of years to 'get a book' (of regular customers) before possibly making a decent salary. Then the person may be struggling to pay for rent and other expenses while tryint to repay all of those school loans. An individual can just go to the more affordable county vocational school (or community college) and then take continuing education classes afterwards which are required anyway :)

    These consumer sites have negative posts by former students about those private $$ for-profit beauty/tech schools, and please heed the students' warnings:



    - and can type into search.

    For general career info: and can search.

    U.S. colleges:

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    thats gonna be really hard, like having 2 full time jobs. You can do part time cosmetology and full time 4 year uni, if you wanted. It's gonna be alot of effort and work, so you might want to think about that. And in my opinion, you might be too exhausted to have a job doing both.

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