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Which movie is better Sin City or Babel?

both had several stories somehow connected - in Babel through the characters, in Sin City - through location

which is the better movie?

BQ: Favorite scene/quote from the one you chose

BQ2: Which film director is better, Robert Rodriguez or Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu?

BQ3: Which do you own on DVD?

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@ annyrutts: dude, people don't know Sin City?!!!!!!!!!!!! I know 2 groups of movie geeks: Almodovar, Anderson (the boring one), Fellini, Trier, Kubrick, Jarmusch vs. Bay, Spielberg, Besson, Wachowski, Anderson (the fun one), Kitano and they all KNOW Sin City, the first group haven't seen it, but *know* it lol

Update 2:

@ Taylor: BQ2 - totally vibing you, dude :)) Rebel Without a Crew RULES!

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    Sin City

    I talk about sin city to people all the time and they look at me like im goofy, like whats sin city? Honestly, this is just simply a badazz movie, nothing more to say, great characters and follows the book exactly. Violent, funny, and good stories.

    bq- there are many -

    dwight- time to prove to your friends that your worth a dam, sometimes that means dying....sometimes... that means killing a whole lot of people.

    dwight- im on my feet and every ounce of me wants to get some killing done

    marv- if you keep holdin out on me like this, im gonna have to get real nasty


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    bq2- Robert Rodriguez, he has a sick but very funny mind

    bq3- Sin City, was just watching it the other night actually

    @Tamara- on christmas im sitting talking to my cousin about all these movies, inglorious basterds, pulp fiction, american psycho, etc.... and im like yeah sin city... hes like oh yea i never seen that... i almost choked on my shrimp, im serious im like whaaa? how? needless to say he left with my dvd that night i told him watch it asap

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    6 years ago

    Sin City stood in imdb top 250 definitely sin city is better than babel

    Sin City movie shot was digital blackout which makes film as stylish violent movie.

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    10 years ago

    I personally enjoyed Sin City better. Babel, however is a good movie as well.

    BQ 1: My favorite scene from Sin City is when Miho first does work and kills Benicio del Toro's crew and then Clive Owen and Rosario Dawson kiss. I thought the dialog and all was pretty rad. I also like the scene with Josh Hartnett when he kills the girl on the balcony.

    BQ 2: I chose Rodriguez over Gonzalez. I believe Rodriguez has a cool story on how he wanted to become a director and made it happen with his film "El Mariachi." He definitely gives hope to anyone who wants to become a director.

    BQ 3: Own "Sin City"

  • 4 years ago

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