Rune Factory 3- one of Rusk's requests-something powder to make sweets?

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I've been playing Rune Factory 3, and I got a request from Rusk, it's actually my first request from him. It was off the bulletin board and it was about him forgetting. He more
Update : I see, but whats a pharmacy counter, and how do I get one? also how will more
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Rusk wants Sweet Sweet Powder.

You make it with 2 apples from the Privera Forest in the pharmacy that you buy from Marian and Marjorie.

After you get it, you just give it to him and the request is fulfilled.

I think you can buy it after you ship some, but I know you can't purchase it before it's shipped.
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  • Salt Water answered 3 years ago
    He wants Sweet Powder. You make that in the Pharmacy Counter using two Apples. The skill level for that recipe is 9. So if your Pharmacy level is 1 you will not have a high rate of success. If you do not have a Pharmacy Counter there isn't any sure place to get Sweet Powder. There is a very slight chance of finding Sweet Powder in a chest in dungeons. Yue might sell it. But you might have to ship it first. So unless you already had one you probably can't buy it anywhere.

    You can buy a Pharmacy Counter after your Tree grows larger. It won't happen until after you start associating with the Univar. After that you'll have a new room in your house. And then you'll be able to buy a Pharmacy Counter from Marian. You don't raise your cooking level. You have to raise your Pharmacy level. To do that you must concoct Pharmacy recipes. The more you make the more experience you'll gain. You don't need 9 but the closer you are the better chance you'll have at making it successfully.
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