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Why is the schedule in the NFL so different from other sports?

In other sports you meet each team at least once. But in the NFL there is some teams you meet twice but a lot of teams you never meet in the season.

That also means some teams get far easier schedules than others.

How do they even make the NFL schedule??

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    because they would be playing a 31 week regular season if they played each other and then with the playoffs it would be about 37 weeks and that's without a preseason which would 5 more weeks

    each team plays 6 games in their division

    then one division from the other Conference for 4 more games

    then they play one division from their confrence for 4 more games

    the other 2 games are from the the same Confrence and it goes like this the 1st place team would play the other 1st place teams and 2nd place would play the other 2nd place teams and so forth

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    Its all about mathematics. There are 16 games in a season, and 32 teams. In each division there are 4 teams. Teams play each other twice in the division because at the end of the season, it all boils down to tie breakers. Basically if a team wins against its opponent in the 1st game, and the 2nd time around the other team wins, then there is a tie. The tie is then broken by strength of victory or strength of schedule. But to answer your question it has to do with the amount of teams in the league, and the amount of games played. Since its an even amount of both games and teams, then its easier to have teams in divisions face each other twice. As far as the NFL schedule, well you can find more information here:


    And as far as the whole "easier schedules than others", that doesn't apply. There is no way to tell which team will be good or bad from year to year. The schedules are not predetermined based on strength, because each team is responsible for playing and winning or losing.

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    football is so draining, meaning many games in a season just is not possible. there are 32 teams. football is so full of preparation you can only play a game once a week, or sometimes twice. every year the schedule rotates. you play 6 teams in your own division. 4 teams from a division in your conference, and 4 teams from a division on the opposite conference, the other 2 teams you play are in the other 2 divisions in your conference, if you finish 1st you play the other 2 teams who finish 1st. you finish 2nd in your division you face the other 2 second place teams and so forth

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    That is not true. In baseball, not every team plays every other team, and baseball plays a 162 game schedule.

    There are 32 teams in the NFL. There is just no way they could play that many games. NFL games last 3+ hours, and are incredibly demanding physically.

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    In baseball you only play 17 teams in a season.

    In football you face the teams in your divisions twice a season and you face other teams in the NFC or AFC depending on your division randomly

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    football is a full contact sport compared to basketball where the majority of all hits are flagged as a foul. Football is kinda like boxing, you cant box back to back nights and except to be at your A game.

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    You play teams twice in your own division!

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    You play less games in football.In baseball you play 162 games and still don't play every team.

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