How does Cuba manage to finance such a large pharmaceutical industry?

Cuba is a weird little country. But one thing they've done right is their pharma industry. Despite only having 11 million people and being kind of poor, Cuba has a large pharmaceutical research sector. They have filed several hundred patents over the years and developed several new drugs and vaccines.

This is way more productive than the pharma sectors of other Latin American countries. Cuba has around 3 million fewer people than Guatemala, but Guatemala's pharma sector is garbage; it barely exists, and I think the entire nation of Guatemala has only been awarded two or three pharma patents in the past THIRTY YEARS.

How does Cuba manage to do this, and what can other countries learn from Cuba's example?


Believe what? You can look up the patents for yourself. They do indeed exist.

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    The PBS NewsHour talked about Cuba's health industry just last Tuesday. Here's the article, it may answer your question. :)

  • Gaijin
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    9 years ago

    European and Russian involvement mostly.America is the only country with an embargo on Cuba as far as I know,even Canadian citizens can visit and invest there.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Thats funny that you actually believe this.

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