Why do environmentalists call themselves vegans?

You can be a vegan AND an environmentalist, or a vegan and not an environmentalist or an environmentalist and not a vegan.

I've been an environmentalist and a vegetarian. I am now an environmentalist and a vegan, but my environmentalism doesn't include for example avoiding leather (I care more about carbon pollution from factories polluting rivers and the air). I don't combine what I eat and my environmental descriptions and lump it up with the word "vegan." I was a vegetarian for almost 20 years and now I have decided to exclude dairy as well in what I eat but I use non-vegan soaps and clothes but it has nothing to do with my description as a vegan and more in the category of environmentalism. I cared just as much for the environment as a vegetarian but didn't say I was a "vegetarian diet was and vegan environmental wise." I take it it's ignorant people (maybe teenagers) making those misleading labels?


There are different gradations of environmentalism. I can exclude all traces of any meat and animal product in my life but still drive a gas guzzler. I think it's lame to lump everything together like some ignorant vegans do - both diet and the environment. You can be mature and talk about a vegan diet and as a side note any environmental benefits that has and be mature enough to discuss other environmental aspects of life without lumping it into the diet. So retarded imo. Yes, I am a vegan because I don't eat any animal products but yes I also don't drive a hybrid but yes I still care about the environment. I had vegans key my car the other day - I think they're retarded too! See them in small claims court.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I was not aware that they did. I know people who call themselves environmentalists who are not vegan or vegetarian. (I know one meat-eating "environmentalist" who drives an SUV, complete with 20+ environmentalist stickers on her gas-guzzling vehicle.) I think some people do make assumptions about others based on one bit of info. For example, many automatically assume that if you are vegan you must also be liberal, a "tree hugger", new age, into yoga, have crystals all over the house, drive a Prius, etc. I don't see diet as synonymous with politics, spirituality, environmentalism, etc. None of those things are synonyms, although there is _sometimes_ some overlap, but not always, nor even necessarily most of the time.

    ~Vegan. Non-spiritual agnostic atheist and rationalist.

  • 9 years ago

    well if you are an environmentalist then you know of the planetary destruction that is being caused by the meat and dairy industry. The number one action you can take to fight global climate change is going vegan. Thats why it seems hypocritical for people to call themselves environmentalists (cough** Cough** Gore* Cough*** Couugh**) and be a steak lover. Avoiding animal products is more powerful an agent for change than buying an electric car, using green bags, changing your light bulbs, etc. I am not saying you can't care about the environment and be vegetarian. Veganism just takes it to another level.

    Consuming leather and animal products outside of your diet still promotes the meat and dairy industry. So if you were really serious about the environment you'd go vegan.

  • 9 years ago

    Some of the environmentalists I know are also vegan, and some are not. The two terms have separate meanings.

    If you do not eat animal products, but purchase leather goods, you are not a vegan- you're a strict vegetarian.

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    9 years ago

    Why can't an omnivore be an environmentalist? I eat meat, but I only eat wild game that I hunt, kill, and butcher myself. If I do eat beef or pork its from my uncles small family farm. I recycle, drive a Hybrid car, have a solar panel on my house, have my own huge garden. The money I spend for hunting license and hunting tags goes towards federal and state wildlife environmental programs. Everyone seems to think omnivores don't care about the environment.

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