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is there a search engine that can find a certain picture, if you upload it.?

what i mean is, if you upload a picture of a dog, and you want to find where that exact same picture is on the internet. or if you upload your profile pic and you want to see if anybody else is using your photo, is that possible? is there a site like that? im sorry if this was confusing.

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    I don't understand what exactly you need. Try to upload to this site your photo This website is russian but you can use translator to translate. You don't need to register to upload a pic and you can put password on it. And of course you will have a URL wich you can use to show your pic.

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    if you go to google then search for an image, there's the advanced section for searching where you could write the exact name of your picture (i.e : dog image.jpg) and if the result was successful then look for the link of the image, if the link of the image was different from your upload link then another person is using this image

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