Whats that black coating over knives for?

what the black coating on Ka-bars and other combat and tac-knives for? and what is it made of ?

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    Coating used on many combat and hunting knives primarily serves protective function. It's there to prevent rust on the blade, although, the protection isn't 100%, since the edge is always exposed to the elements. As for the "anti glare", etc, it's much more of a marketing gimmick designed to impress/excite armchair commandos that anything from real life needs. To produce any significant glare, few inches long blade has to be mirror polished. And even then that mirror polish quickly tarnishes in the field use. Reducing the glare to nothing significant.

    Reducing blade drag is another possible function, although some coatings are so rough that's hardly a case. Teflon based coatings can reduce the drag, but depends on material as well. E.g. if you are cutting cheese, teflon won't help much.

    As for the materials, it varies, Benchmade uses BT2, teflon based, and DLC, earlier they used Boron carbide coating, Busse uses epoxy based black coating, before that they used ceramic based coating, etc. There's dozens of them out there.

    Currently high end coatings are Tungsten carbide based. Mainly because they produce thin layer and it's very hard, i.e. scratch resistant.

    More details here - http://zknives.com/knives/articles/glossaries/knte...

    Source(s): 12+ years of knife collecting, sharpening and research.
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    The metal is anodized, that is, an electrical charge is passed through the metal while it is in a liquid solution containing various metals, minerals and/or chemicals. The color that results is dependent on what is in the solution. The electricity causes the knife blade to attract whatever is in the solution, and the two are chemically bonded together. The process is very similar to chrome plating.

    The blades are anodized to reduce or eliminate glare. If you are hiding in a jungle waiting to assassinate someone, you don't want your cover blown by the glint of the sun on your blade.

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    usually some kind of teflon makes the knives non stick

  • 9 years ago

    the black coating is so the knife does not shine, not sure what it's made of.

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  • 9 years ago

    thats callled a handle. we need handles on knives so that we don't cut ourselves when we hold a knife

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