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I am 13 turning 14 in about 2 wks and i want to start ballet again. I did ballet jazz and gymnastics at this one studio for about 1 year until it closed. I didnt rejoin ballet because i didn't have any ballet studios to go to in the area. Now i found one and am thinking of rejoining. I am an intermediate skater. I am very strong (particularly in my legs) and fairly flexible. I stretch and practice everyday. I research as much as i can to learn techniques and stretches. I can stand on my my tip toes and am starting to walk around a little bit. Once I start ballet i want to know an estimated time on how long it will take for me to get into En Pointe. I am a very hard and dedicated worker, once i set my mind to something i wont stop til it is accomplished. Please help if you have any advice or tips on how to practice and what to do.

To whom it may concern:

Age: 13

Height: 5'3

Body Type: skinny.

Weight: 117

Flexible or Strong: I am more strong than flexible.

Race: Caucasian/European.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue.

My friend told me she always gets answers like it depends on your body type and stuff so she told me to put the info up there ^. I don't want to sound arrogant I just want some answers. If you need anymore information to tell me please email me at Chocolatelver101@yahoo.com


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    To be able to dance en pointe you not only need strong ankles, feet, legs and core, you need balance and to be able to work consistently engaging your turnout. But, most important is strong ballet technique and that isn't the same as skating technique. It takes years to build. True you will and have strong legs from skating. However, wearing skates does not do much for your arch and that is one of the things needed to be able to get up on your box in a pointe shoe. Please do not stand on the tips of your toes. It is a good way to break a toe.

    I suggest you start with a beginner teen ballet class. I know you have had a year of ballet, but you haven't danced in a while and basics are most important. Try to take 2 or 3 ninety minute ballet classes a week. More if possible. If you do well, they will move you up. Stay away from competition and recital schools. They tend not to teach technique but tricks in competition and a "dance" in recital schools. In two or 3 years, you should be able to go en pointe. If you find a school that will do it in a year or less, my recommendation is to find another school. There are places out there that put girls en pointe way before they are ready. When going en pointe if you are not ready, you can easily break an ankle or at best, be able to go en pointe but not dance en pointe. And that is the whole idea isn't it? If you cannot do it on flat first, how can you do it en pointe? The longer you wait for stronger ballet technique the faster and better you will be en pointe.

    By the way. body type is only important for dancers wanting to become professional ballet dancers. It would not include hair and eye color but would include high arch feet with a top bump, 90 degrees of turnout from each of your hips from the rotators not the knees or ankles, long stretchy achilles tendons, long hyper-extended legs, short torso, long arms and neck and small round head. Add to the mix tons of natural facility. You would also have to be studying in a world class ballet academy taking about 20 hours of technique classes a week year round at your age. Starting age for this is also around 7-11 years of age with a few rare exceptions of some slightly older with perfect ballet bodies who can find a ballet academy willing to train them at the advanced age of 12 or 13.

    Source(s): My daughter is a professional dancer. I worked for NYCB (New York City Ballet)
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    well first you need to find a studio that teaches pointe because not all studios do. and it depends on whether your ankles are strong enough because when people start pointe theyve been taking classical ballet for a long time so they're feet & ankles are strong also your feet need to stop growing because going on pointe once your feet are still growing is bad for your feet/ankles. mostly its up to the teacher to determine whether your ready or strong enough.

    Source(s): student teacher, 13 years dance experience & 3 years on pointe.
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