Unfair discharge.please read before judging.not like others im really innocent.?

I was sexually assualted by my nco who is highly known in my battalion. I was able to provide proof to my chain of command and they ruled in my favor.my husband also military noticed a pattern of reprisal and addressed i.g about it accusing my lt. Cornol of un fair treatment. I was flagged a few days later and was accused of inappropriate relationships with multiple superior soldiers.the twist to this is that the pfc preparing my packet was the only person to write a statement, I have never seen him out side of work.the big twister that around the time of these "relationships" I had a hysterectomy that previous month due to constant severe vaginal bleeding and pain. I didnt do it.i sent up rebutals but I honestly dont think it was submitted to our cornol.i get out in a few days what can I do?its a general under honorable with a re code 3.

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    9 years ago
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    Enjoy life as a civilian.

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  • 9 years ago

    That is bullshit. The military is a machine that doesn't care about the individuals. I am getting more bitter against it by the minute! I have a feeling this NCO purposely is trying to get "revenge" I would try to appeal it starting with the same people you made the complaint to. If they don't accept it, I'm sorry to say you just might have to deal with the discharge. Count your blessings, I'd love to get discharged tbh, I don't like the idea of deploying very much!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The military is very adept at covering up mistakes and covering the @$$ of nco's and officers accused of sexual misconduct.

    Unless you REALLY want to pursue this accept your discharge.

    It might be worth contacting the Miles Foundation.

    Here's some info on them: http://www.militarywoman.org/domestic.htm

    Source(s): Good luck for the future.
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