What are some plants i can eat in the northwestern region of America, specifically washington state?

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  • Scott
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    9 years ago
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    This time of year?

    Cat-tail roots and lower stalks, and seeds (just the seeds, don't eat the fluff! lol)

    The inner bark of Alder, Maple and pines

    The first few mm's of pine needles, but they are better in hot water for a tea.

    Same with the moss growing on the Pines, Douglas fir, and Grand Fir.

    On the coast: kelp (yuk, I'd have to be really hungry).

    Inland and inter-mountain: Sage, sorell, arrow-root (bland but starchy, a native staple).

    Near water look for watercress, mints, and nettles (even stinging nettles can be eaten once cooked)

    AVOID ALWAYS anything that looks like a wild carrot or parsley. Even local, experienced botanists mis-identify Poison Hemlock and a few folks each year die from this mistake.

    Other times of the year bring berries, grains, and greens too numerous to list here.

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  • 9 years ago

    None without EXPERT training.

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