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Our puppy bites and is difficult to potty train?

We got a new puppy she is 4 months and we have had her for two weeks. We got her from a petshop and ever since we got her she bites alot and hard and she is difficult to potty train..she won't go to the bathroom outside she rarley does most of the time it is in the house or her crate where she goes any tips?? She is a beagle and boston terrier...Thank you

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    When she bites you, you have to tell her no in a firm voice. Sometimes people even bite their dog back on the ear. That's a bad habit that she needs to get rid of before she hurts someone. Also make sure she has toys that are hard she can chew on, she might bite because she's teething or just bored. Your crate needs to be just big enough that you're dog can lie down and stand up comfortably. She shouldn't be able to walk around in there. If it's any bigger the dog will use the bathroom in the crate, which doesn't help with the potty training. So if you don't have it already get a smaller crate. Also anytime you let her out of the crate to play with her or whatever, you need to let her outside to go potty. Wait a while for her to go.. just because she doesn't go at first doesn't mean she doesn't have to at all. If she goes inside the house you can't spank her or rub her nose in it... that won't help. Instead, you should let her go outside again, or put her back in her crate. Letting her go potty outside before you play with her should help. Also after she eats or drinks you should set her in the crate for about ten or so minutes to let it process... then take her outside to go. Hope this helps!

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    1. All puppies bite. Sit on the floor and play with the puppy using a toy. The puppy can bite the toy but if she decides to bite you then say Ouch! in a high pitched voice. If this doesn't work or if she keeps biting then stand up, stop playing, and ignore her for 30 seconds. Then keep playing but stop any time she bites you. If she gets really out of control and is biting your pants, jumping on you, chasing people's feet then put her in her crate for 1-2 minutes for a time out.

    Don't yell or hit the puppy because it will really mess up the trust and bonding process. Some puppies will get even more amped up and think yelling and hitting are play which is very bad.

    The biting seems horrible (and hurts!!) but puppies grow out of it if you always stop play and redirect them to bite a toy.

    2. The puppy is peeing in the crate. How big is the crate? It should be small enough that she can only turn around and lay down so get a crate divider if it is larger than that. You have to watch her or have her in the small crate 100% of the time! Tie her to a leash around your waist. If you see her sniffing, circling around, or starting to squat pick her up say "outside" and go outside and set her down. Then just wait for 10 minutes. If she goes be very happy, say good girl, give her really good treats and go back inside and play with her for a few minutes.

    If she doesn't go when you go outside (and you just stood there doing nothing and waiting for 10 minutes) then go back inside and go right back in the crate or leashed to you but very boring, don't play with her.

    Keep in mind that most puppies will have to go after they eat breakfast, after they eat dinner, after a hard play session so take them outside.

    It can be tough but you have to watch them 100% of the time and take them outside a LOT and have a HUGE party, lots of treats, let them know you are very happy when they go outside.

    Don't yell or punish her for pottying EVER or she will be afraid to do it around you and will be much more difficult to train.

    Source(s): best advice- keep her with you 100% of the time and keep 1 eye on her... it doesn't take many successful times outside and she'll get the picture.
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    Ive learned if you lay out some sort of layer of paper or special padding from the pet store over a large area and make sure it uses the bathroom on that and over time time u continue making the area smaller so its forced to adjust then eventually u will be down to a small area to clean up and u can do this in the area where u want the dog to go so it knows it can only use the bathroom wherever that padding is Or since its so young they normally go after feedings and right after whenever they nap so take him out after he eats and wait a while as well as when he wakes up from sleeping and he will have no choice but to do his business outside and if u keep that up it will become natural for him to go outside. and the biting probably means hes teething so its just a stage he will get out of but get him bones that he can chew preferably larger ones since hes most likely going after hands and feet if that's the case.. hope i helped!

    Source(s): Grew up with dogs
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    First mistake was going to a pet shop to get a dog. Second of all it takes more then 2 weeks to train. Your going to have to take her out as soon as she wakes up and after she eats. If she is going in her crate, it might be too big. When she is out of her crate, keep her confined to an area where you can keep an eye on her and as soon as she shows signs of having to go, take her out as quick as possible and praise her for going. Never yell at her for going in the house either. I hope this was of some help...good luck

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    When shea bites you say OW really loud and rub hot chili peppers all over the stuff she bites so she wont bite it again (cut them open and rub them against the surface). Keep her out side until she poops then let her inside..when she poops inside tell her its wrong and make her smell the poop and then flick her nose to let her know its wrong.. Then clean the surface with clorox to get rid of the smell otherwise she will continue smelling it and go there again.

    Source(s): Did this wiith my shepard and it worked for me..
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  • What kind of shop...........hopefully NOT petland or a puppy mill or any big company that could have puppy mill puppies

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