What was the debate of the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914?

I have to do a project and I was wondering if anybody knew any points of debate of the Federal Trade Commission during Woodrow Wilson's time?

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    The Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914 established the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a bipartisan body of five members appointed by the President of the United States for seven year terms. This Commission was authorized to issue Cease and Desist orders to large corporations to curb unfair trade practices. This Act also gave more flexibility to the US congress for judicial matters. It passed the Senate by a 43-5 vote on September 8th, 1914 and, without a tally of yeas and nays, it passed the House on September 10th.

    The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) function is to counter deceptive acts and practices and anticompetitive behavior by businesses. The FTC enforces the Clayton and Federal Trade Commission Acts as well as a number of other antitrust and consumer-protection laws. The FTC's rulemaking authority enables it to issue rules interpreting the antitrust laws that govern either all members of industry or apply to specific business practices. When a rule is violated, the FTC can initiate civil proceedings in a federal district court to obtain injunctive relief and civil damages.

    Even though there are differences of opinion as to the effectiveness of antitrust policy, everyone—consumers, competitors, and prospective business owners—benefits from a more competitive economy.

    It was essentially an act to enforce fairness between businesses and individuals.

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    Federal Trade Commission 1914

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    Federal Trade Commission Act Of 1914

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