Were the stimulus jobs only for union members? If so, that cost us all more money for temporary jobs?

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    From your link:

    Another Power Grab.

    Obamas Executive Order 13502 only allows Union Workers.

    Death Panel for Construction Industry Jobs

    'Death Panel' For Construction Industry Jobs?

    Obama Order Foisting Union-Only PLAs on Hardhats, Taxpayers

    Hardhats across America are now learning that the "stimulus" jobs President Obama promised earlier this year will never arrive, unless they and

    their employers first agree to submit to union monopoly-bargaining control.

    In the ongoing national recession, small construction firms and their

    employees have been hit especially hard in many states, including New Hampshire.

    For that reason, a number of local contractors and hardhats have been

    awaiting with baited breath the launch of a $35 million, federal taxpayer-funded

    construction project in Manchester, the Granite State's largest city.

    But in recent weeks the U.S. Labor Department has sent out a hope-crushing

    notice to small, New Hampshire-based construction firms that would like to

    submit bids for Manchester's new Job Corps Center.

    Enforcing an executive order issued by President Obama on February 6,

    just a couple of weeks after he took office, the Labor Department has let it

    be known that only contractors that submit to a union-only "project labor

    agreement," or PLA, will be allowed to bid on the Job Corps Center.

    Source(s): Obama has been very good at taking care of his top campaign contributors..Unions and Glodman Sachs among them.
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, it was all a scam for Obama and his union buddies, unfortunately.

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    Big Unions + Politics = Payback, GM and Chrysler were bailed out so the UAW could stay and not get pushed out in a bankruptcy restructuring just go go look at campaign contributions....

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    1 decade ago

    No of course not. Your link is very biased.

    The funny part was the Republicans who dissed Obama's stimulus plan, then they went to the ribbon cutting ceremonies and spoke about how many jobs it would create when that money reached their own states.

    According to yesterday morning's exposé in the Washington Times, those very same Republican members of Congress who publicly condemned the 2009 stimulus bill--insisting to us all that it would neither stimulate the economy nor create jobs--privately believed just the opposite. These GOP representatives and senators were so sure that the stimulus bill would be effective, in fact, that they could not get to their desks fast enough to start peppering the federal government with requests for projects in their districts.

    Read this to learn the truth about the GOP hypocrisy and the job creation of the stimulus package:

    Stimulus foes see value in seeking cash


    Republican Stimulus Hypocrisy: They Knew it Would Work


    Study: Stimulus Created 3 Million Jobs, Added to GDP


    Stimulus created nearly 683,000 jobs in first quarter


    Obama: Stimulus 'worked as intended' - Eamon Javers - POLITICO.com


    Federal stimulus brings 25000 Utah jobs in first quarter‎


    Feds: Stimulus dollars created 11,000 Hawaii jobs


    U.S. Creates 162000 Jobs in March - FOXBusiness.com


    ... and on and on.

    Check out the jobs graph here:



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    1 decade ago

    The only stimulus jobs created so far are the press operators that are on call. They have only been called out like three times. When oslama commits to giving away billions, the press operators are called in to print the money. We don't have it so they get whatever hours it takes to print however many billion he needs.

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    Obama's so called "stimulus" was nothing more than a giant slush fund to keep leftists in power. Nothing more.

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    Why do politicians always fail yet people still vote?

  • Anonymous
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    It mostly paid off the people that elected Obama .

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