A lot of companies NEVER even inform candidate of the result of the interview!?

I used to work at one of those prestigious investment banks in New York, but I left there in April this year as I had gotten offered another position in a completely different industry. But it turned out too different from what I had been told at the interview... So I soon left there in May.

Since then I have been keeping applying for many positions. I had several interviews since May but not yet offered any position yet... (In the past I instantly get another job so easily but never have I experienced unemployed as long as over six months! Gosh! What am I going to do... :(

As a matter of fact, nowadays I realize that a lot of companies don't even let the candidates know the result after the interview. Even if they said they would inform by such and such date, they never inform!

Do you think it is normal? What on earth HR is doing?! Letting know the result is part of the job!

I made calls to those companies that never let me know the result of the interview after a few months. However, they either never pick up the phone or they pretend that there are at the meeting and not available. Obviously they are running away. How horrible they are!

In these circumstances, where I should complain/claim or report to?

Also, I want to claim transportation expense to them at least! I am very upset with them!

Has anyone experience the same?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Its actually normal.Why should a company inform the interviewers that are not selected making unnecessary costs .They need to inform only if you are selected.Be bold,try for reputed companies interview

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  • Robot
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    9 years ago

    A lot of places no a days never inform you of the result. It is VERY rude, but unfortunately there is no one to complain to. no one is going to listen and it may hurt future chances of getting employed. Just call and say you are checking on your position and everything, that is what my bf had to do and they should tell you. usually I would say if it has been a week since the interview they don't want you. If they are avoiding your calls then it is really obvious they don't want you. trust me anyone I know who has been hired, the place makes it obvious when they are wanting you to work there. I have had a couple of my friends had the place desperately try to reach them before.

    Source(s): good luck fellow job hunter!
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  • Ed Fox
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    A complaint about a company not notifying you whether you have been selected for employment or not will not get very far.

    It is your choice whether to attend the interview or not. The company is not liable for your transportation expenses.

    The fact that you claim to be "very upset" about this suggests that you are very young. You need to toughen up for the adult world

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