If I upload a video to Youtube from a Flip video camera, will the quality of the video get better?

I tried watching a video from my Flip, but the quality was very bad. I looked online to see how I could fix it, and the only solution was to buy a better processor. So if I just upload the video to Youtube, will the quality get better?

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  • Mmm J
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    9 years ago
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    We can't see what you see so we don't know what you mean by "the quality was very bad". Shaky or grainey or lots of movement or lots of panning or poor lighting or any number of other things can provide poor quality video.

    Generally speaking, just uploading poor quality video will let you publish a poor quality video. For good quality video, start by capturing good quality video.

    If the video looks good on the flip, but jumpy on the computer because the computer is underpowered and can't handle the video, then it is possible that uploading might help - but if the video is poor on the flip, then a better processor does not matter.

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