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is it Possible to Dye (natural) black hair to brown/Auburn color?

Hey guys!

I was thinking about dying my hair to dark brown auburn, my natural hair color is very dark brown, almost black.

I tried Dying it brown but it didn't work out! I did it by myself at home and i put the dye on my hair for 30 minutes but when i washed it, the color was the same thing!!!

and... i can't go to salon to dye my hair, i want to do it at home. also, i want to use a NON-PERMANENT dye!

so can you help me with that! if you have an experience about this tell me, like...how the results were and stuff!

***I do not bleach my hair***

and here is the picture of the color I want:


thank you!

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    If yu r not goin to bleach or if yu do not want permanent hair colour ...then I don't know how it will be possible...

    To colour dark hair in a lighter shade like brown or blond..one has to bleach their hair or else go for highlights

    Hope this helped:))

  • 4 years ago

    You have missed the point entirely here. You don't understand the basic concept of colouring hair. You cannot "dye" anything lighter. To dye, means to make darker. It is usually used only on fabrics, but some people who don't know better use it on hair. Not always successfully. To get blonde, you need to bleach. That means to remove colour. Those are the only two things you can do to hair colour -- add colour, or remove colour. Nothing else. You really don't know anything about hair colouring (it didn't work last time) so I really suggest that you at least have a consultation with a professional hair colourist and get all the information about this. They can do a proper analysis of your hair to see if it is possible to get as light as you want. They will explain how it is done, and what you need to do to look after it. If cost is a factor, then go to a school. (if you can't afford it, don't get it done) You will need to do this in two steps for the best results. Don't attempt it yourself. You have been warned.

  • 10 years ago

    I have the same natural color and have only had success going lighter in a salon where they bleached first. I know that doesn't help but that's my experience.

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