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What is the most romantic thing to do on Valentines day?

I plan to ask this girl out, we're both in our last year of High School, so I wanna ask her out cuz I'm crazy about her, but I need some romantic ways to go about it.

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    Well u have to do something daring first of all - show her you are willing to do the unthinkable for her - then you have to make sure everyone else knows how you feel. A girl really loves it when she is being loved and there are a lot of people around to see it - so taking both of these is consideration - here is what u should do...... Gain access to the school intercom and say aloud over the intercom for everyone to hear , (using John andJane Doe as example names) **"This is John Doe taking a huge risk here to ask out the most beautiful wonderful girl ever created, Jane Doe will you please do me the honor of being my date Friday night to the........) This is really romantic, you are showing courage, bravery, the fact you will do anything for her, and she is being addressed as the most beautiful wonderful girl ever created to the whole school - all of her friends will be sooo jealous and girls LOVE that.

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    Buy her flowers. Have them delivered to the school with a card: Will you be my valentine Friday night at the (movies, bowling alley, skating rink, Steak and Ale restaurant) about eight o'clock?

    Be sure to sign the card and give her a phone number or text or something to RSVP.

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    A poem that they wrote for me. i could chosen that over chocolates (even however i admire chocolate) or plant existence, ANY DAY. A poem is from the middle and is unique. you may purchase chocolates and plant existence any time.

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