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Does anyone know of future Coen Brothers/Movie/TV auditions in 2011?

I would really like to find out if the Coen brothers are creating a new movie. I am extremely interested in auditioning and hope they are creating a new movie. Please respond with any details!

P.S. I am also interested in getting into the tv/movie business, I am only 14 years old but I have such a strong desire to get in the movies/tv. It would be the chance of a lifetime. If anyone knows of casting calls for a 14 year old girl or teenager, please comment!

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    Upcoming, planned films and uncompleted projects

    The Coens hope to film James Dickey's novel To the White Sea.[17] They were due to start production in 2002, with Jeremy Thomas producing and Brad Pitt in the lead role, but it was cancelled when the Coens felt that the budget offered was not enough to successfully produce the film.

    A project which has been mooted for several years is Hail Caesar, the third of the so called Numskull trilogy, a comedy starring George Clooney as a matinee idol making a biblical epic. However in an interview for the Los Angeles Times in February 2008, the Coens said that it did not exist as a script but only as an idea.[18]

    It has been announced that the Coen brothers will write and direct an adaptation of Michael Chabon's novel, The Yiddish Policemen's Union. They will produce the film with Scott Rudin for Columbia Pictures.[19]

    In a 1998 interview with Alex Simon for Venice magazine, the Coens discussed a project called The Contemplations which would be an anthology of short films based on stories in a leatherbound book from a 'dusty old library'.[20]

    As well as their own projects, they have involvement in two other productions. One is Suburbicon, a comedy starring and directed by George Clooney. It will be written and produced by the Coens.[21] In addition they have provided the screenplay for a remake of the 1966 film Gambit, due to star Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley.[22] Both films were slated for a 2009 release, but delayed.

    Joel stated that "a Cold War comedy called 62 Skidoo is one I'd like to do someday".[23]

    The Coen brothers have stated that they are interested in making a sequel to Barton Fink called Old Fink, which would take place in the 1960s, around the same time period as A Serious Man. The brothers have stated that they have had talks with John Turturro in reprising his role as Fink, but they were waiting "until he was actually old enough to play the part".[24]

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