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who is this guy call charles taze russell?

who is he

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    Charles Taze Russell (February 16, 1852 – October 31, 1916), or Pastor Russell, was a prominent early 20th century Christian restorationist minister from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and founder of what is now known as the Bible Student movement, from which Jehovah's Witnesses and numerous independent Bible Student groups emerged after his death.

    On March 13, 1879, Russell married Maria (pronounced /məˈraɪ.ə/) Frances Ackley (1850–1938) after a few months' acquaintance. In 1897 they separated, following disagreements over her insistence for a greater role in the management of Zion's Watch Tower magazine, after which he provided her a place to live and means of maintenance.

    In June 1903, Mrs. Russell filed a suit for legal separation in the Court of Common Pleas at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1906, she filed for divorce under the claim of mental cruelty as a result of their marriage agreement of perpetual celibacy[citation needed]. During the trial she alleged sexual misconduct between Charles and a then teenaged Watch Tower stenographer whom the Russells had cared for as a foster child. Her own lawyer asked Mrs. Russell whether she believed her husband was guilty of adultery. She answered, "No". In 1908, the judge granted a divorce from bed and board, with alimony.

  • Much of the information on the Internet about Charles Taze Russell is slanted or inaccurate. But the information here is accurate and useful:

    Charles Taze Russell was a sincere student of the Bible who wanted to let the Word of God speak, even if that Word disagreed with "mainstream" religion.

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    Charles Taze Russell is one of the founders of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Source(s): An atheist perspective.
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    Charles Taze Russell is the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses are a controversial Christian denomination that believes in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and uses both the Old Testament and the New Testament. They also promote a healthy vegetarian diet, and they refrain from going to war or being involved in politics. Worldwide, there are over 7 million Jehovah's Witnesses. They are a widely known Christian group.

    However, they are often criticized for denying the trinity, using an altered version of the bible called the "New World Translation," refusing blood transfusions, not celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, etc., badmouthing other religions, referring to themselves as the only true christians, and shunning people from their ENTIRE family, if they try to leave the church(referred to as Kingdom Hall by Jehovah's Witnesses).

    They also have a Watchtower Magazine that supposedly comes from God, yet it has lots of rules and regulations not listed in the Bible. They baptize people by completely submerging their members in water.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have made 8 failed end of the world predictions in 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, 1975, and 1994.

    According to Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus "invisibly" ruled his throne in heaven, in 1914.

    Source(s): I used to study the bible with Jehovah's Witnesses from age 3 to age 12.
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    i'm a Witness and nicely I have not got any theory what you're talking approximately, yet we are actually not broken off from adventists or something like that, and Charles Russel replaced into anointed so he went to heaven whilst he died. 1914 replaced into the 365 days Jesus got here into rule and solid the demons out of heaven. And no, Charles and Jesus are actually not a similar individual. Reincarnation is fake. We extensively utilized to be referred to as Bible pupils. additionally take be conscious that i do no longer no each and every thing so yet another brother or sister can clarify greater advantageous, please touch a Kingdom corridor on your section to ask greater questions.

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